DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A grain of salt—for me—in a tear...

~Saturday~  I finally watched Adele's Live at The Royal Albert Theater today on Jen's big screen TV. Wow!

I loved her set-up to her dedication to Amy Winehouse of Make You Feel My Love, about which she said, "I've song this song every night since she died."

She became overwhelmed with emotion at the end of her first encore song, Someone Like You, and there's a quick snippet of it in the trailer above.

I found a tear on my cheek, too, while being reminded of how fast she has risen to the top and how incredibly young she really is. And I suspect that a grain of the salt in that tear was also for having missed out on seeing her in concert when she had to cancel it in October.

Thanks, Bob, for a great Christmas present!

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