DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Dinner at Eight at Three...

We slept in. Robert made coffee and served me it in bed. Then he made eggs over easy and toast for me.

We had a lazy day, and ended up taking a nap and MMMMMMMMMMing before getting up around 1:30 to get ready for the play.

We got ready in time to run some errands:

1) Thompson Theater box office to get tickets for Gregor's play tomorrow.
2) K-Marc (sic) to get a new pill case, outdoor light bulbs for my front door, and a pad for Robert's "back to school" on Monday.
3) We stopped by Arby's and got Jamocha shakes on the way to the play.

It was absolutely freezing in the theater. There were various people with various "ailments" at the play. One lady directly across from us, on the other side of the theater, evidently had some problem where she had to have her hand elevated. I didn't notice her until Rober leaned over to me and whispered, "That woman over there has a question." I 'bout fell out of my chair. That was so damn funny!

During the first intermission, we saw a man with a hand wrapped in an ace bandage, a man with an artificial leg, and someone else with a Band-aid on their face, I believe. It started to look like a war zone in there.

I would say the average age of the patron in that play was 65 or 68. When we returned to our seats, "the coughing lady," who had been one row in front of us to the right (complete with her tissue pulled out and tucked back in to her sweater sleeve as necessary) had moved to the left end of the row in front of us, which was the front row.

About two minutes into the 2nd act, she starts talking in a regular speaking voice while the play was going on. Heads all turned her way with faces of disbelief. It was just incredible. I leaned over to Robert and said, "Someone needs to tell her she has no lines in this play." She proceeded to do this throughout the act.

I told Robert during the 2nd intermission that I wanted to move to the opposite side of the theater. I didn't want to reprimand that woman, and I didn't want to endure her, so I removed myself from the situation.

Right after the 3rd act started up, she did it again, and we heard her clear on our side. (We were now on the opposite side of the theater, against the back wall.) Incredible! I leaned over to Robert and said, "She has a great theater voice; it really projects." Bless her mess!

I really enjoyed the play! Robert kept thinking he'd seen it, perhaps as a movie. Afterward, I left a note with the usher to give to Gregor, asking him to give me a call on my cell phone when the picture-taking session was over. I took Robert home, as he wasn't going to go out with us. He wanted to get back to Chapel Hill to prepare (mentally more than anything) for school starting tomorrow.

At about 7:00, Gregor finally called. I told him that he did a good job, we enjoyed the play, and asked him if he heard that woman on the front row. "HEAR HER? SHE WAS LOUDER THAN THE ACTORS AT TIMES." he said. :-) He declined dinner, which worked out fine for me as I had tons of TCW stuff that I wanted to get done.

I worked for about three hours on TCW Volunteer Coordinator work. It felt real good when it was done.

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