DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Dancin' and trampin'...

I slept in today instead of getting up and riding like I should have. I spent a couple of hours going through my papers to be filed. Mountains of paper all across the country. I found my Tire King receipt, too -- right on time. Got all the papers "categorized," but they are still on the bed in the guest room. Gotta get them over to the filing cabinet now.

Robert arrived mid-afternoon. We had tortillas and chili con queso dip for lunch, followed by a half a pepperoni pizza. I had a bowl of ice cream with carmel syrup on it, and butterscotch chips in it. Robert had a couple of spoonfuls.

We took a nap for a couple of hours or so, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

We stopped at CCB for some cash for Robert and arrived at Flex right at 8:00. Only Adam and Vann were there. Josh, Frank, Ron, Ross, and gang arrived shortly after 8:30. Evidently, they had all gone out to Tripps for dinner in honor of Ron's birthday.

It got pretty crowded in there, and we had fun dancing. Jay and Thomas arrived at about 10:30, and we danced until almost 11. Unfortunately, I stopped at about 20 till as I had the most upset stomach come on.

I changed out of my wet clothes, ordered a drink, and Jon Bitner arrived. We finished "one last drink," and then walked over to Legends. Thomas hadn't ever been there, of course, but neither had Robert.

Javy and Ray were there, along with another real nice guy from the ride, whose name escapes me. I should have asked him, because he asked me MY name, and they all thought it was Joe. It was bad enough, though, that I asked the guy if he did the ride. "All fucking 340 miles of it!" he said. I really don't remember seeing him during the ride, however. I definitely knew, and liked him, from the training rides. Oh well.

I told Ray how sorry I was to hear about his brother getting paralyzed from the chest down over last weekend. How dreadful. Tonight was the first night he hadn't gone to the hospital. "I just needed a break," he said. I thanked them for being there, doing the work they were doing for the AIDSWalk, coming up on September 6th.

During the night, this beautiful Lesbian grabbed my arm while we were standing in front of the men's restroom, and said, "Please take me to the ladies room, now. I zipped her around to the other side. Later I went over to her by the bar, and said, "Did everything come out okay?" She thought that was the funniest damn thing, and asked me my name. I said, "You're beautiful. I'm sure if I were straight I'd go for you." She hugged me. Who said we all can't just get along? :-)

We proceeded to get polluted at Legends. I danced a while with Thomas. He kept saying how much he liked that club, so that was good. Jay and Jon left at about 1:00. Robert and I left at about 1:45. Thomas stayed alone, and assured me he knew his way to his car and home. Good for him!

We stopped at Wendy's drive-thru, but it had just turned 2:00, and they said, "I'm sorry, we're closed." after serving the car in front of us. We went over to McDonald's drive-thru. I ordered a Big 'N Tasty (which I've never had), and Robert ordered a Quarter Pounder. We shared a medium order of fries. Yummmmm!

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