DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Games Night...

I brought three liter bottles of soda and a bag of ice to Games Night. One other person brought a bag of mixed peanuts.

We had fun, fun games of Catch Phrase and Names Burst (I think it's called). Matt looked so sexy tonight. Kevin really is amazing with the amount of "stuff" he knows. Jamie got on my nerves when he said he didn't want to play that Names game, but then proceeded to give the answers to a lot of questions. It got old, quick, and he kept on.

I stopped by Flex after Games Night, and watched Josh and Shawn play in the pool tournament for a little while. They are sweet guys. Josh talked to me about planning Shawn's 40th birthday party. His birthday is on September 5th. By the time I left he said, "It looks like most people are not going to be around that weekend. I think I'll plan a trip to the rodeo for him." So, they may ride up there with us.

A little after midnight, I went to Legends to review my membership. They suggested that I wait until September as the 2003 membership expire then, and if I bought one now, it would expire in a few weeks. No brainer there.

I went to CCs, and at 12:30 the drag show started. I always forget there's drag there on Friday nights. CCs just doesn't remind me of a drag show kind of bar. Oh well. I wasn't impressed with the drag "talent."

I saw Chris there, and he apologized about not showing up Wednesday night. He'd forgotten that he had a dinner date with Tim. He hopes to be at Flex tomorrow night.

I left there at about 12:50.

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