DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A Scrabble move to get wood by...

~Thursday~  At any one time, I am in the midst of between five and seven Scrabble games, which I play on Facebook.

People have tried to get me interested in playing Words With Friends on my phone, but I'm too much of a purist to play a game that claims to be like Scrabble, but whose board is totally not. It's similar, but totally different.

With all that said, I loved the beginning of this game with my friend Will:

Scrabble board with marble going across and connected to it, going down, agate

No sooner had I made that play with my comment in the chat area, Will made this move with his comment that's cut off, but which said, "You mean like that?"

Cracked me up!

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