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Shooing away some shoes, including a pair of pumps and a single left shoe...

~Friday~ It's the penultimate day of the year. Wednesday was the preantepenultimate day and yesterday was the antepenultimate day. But I digress...

I began my end-of-the-year donations-gathering by tackling my shoe collection. Here's what I ended up with in the donation box, which by the way, I'm still torn at this point as to whether to give them to Goodwill or Share Our Shoes. Shosheshez.

9 pair of shoes: 4 pair white sneakers, 2 pair black sneakers, 1 pair Sportos, 1 pair black dress loafers, a pair of black suede pumps, and one lone black tennis shoe

I knew you'd be wondering about the circled shoes, which is why I circled them to begin with, so here's the backstory on them, beginning with the pumps:

So one Halloween, I dressed up into who turned out to be Juanita Ferrero Martino, and to that end I needed some shoes. So I went into a Rack Room Shoes store, where somewhat of an older gentleman helped me:

   He: Can I help you?

   Me: Yes, I'm looking for some black ladies pumps in my size.

   He: Oh? Are you sure? It looks you would wear about a size 12!

   Me: Ok.

   He: Your girlfriend have feet that big?

   Me: I assure you that if I had a girlfriend, she would not have size 12 feet.

   He: Oh.

As for the lone black tennis shoe, as you can probably tell from my collection, I tend to find a pair of shoes I like and then buy the same kind, or as close to them as I can if they don't have the exact same ones, when I get my next pair.

I kept that single left shoe as it was still in perfectly good shape when the right one of that pair wore out. (I have no idea how they wore out so unevenly, but they did.) I figured that when I bought the new pair just like it, if by some odd chance the left one wore out first in that new pair, I could pair up the two good ones and get some more use out of them. Brilliant, I know. Always thinking.
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