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Area man aware of a whopping 9 of 11 top pop culture moments of 2011!

~Thursday~  In March of 2012, I will mark 10 years without a television in my home. Being a writer, one of my biggest concerns about not having a TV is the fear of potentially, eventually missing cultural references in conversation and news stories and articles I might read.

So, you can imagine my delight when I was actually familiar with a whopping 9 of 11 of The Week's list of 2011's biggest pop culture moments!

  1. Charlie Sheen's meltdown

    Interestingly, I followed this saga on social media. I've been following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter since the days he used to woo Demi using it.

  2. The rise of Adele

    Earlier this year, my friend Joe pointed me to the video of Rolling in the Deep, and I was instantly hooked. My biggest disappointment in 2011 was the cancellation of her concert in Durham, NC, in a most intimate venue, for which I had 11th row seats.

  3. The Oscar host fiasco

    I only know about this, because even when I had a TV, I was never one to sit and watch 2 or 3 hours of TV to find out what I could find out in less than two minutes in the news the next day. To that end, I always check out the winners the next day. In doing that this year, I read about what a fiasco it was.

  4. The Royal Wedding

    This event transcended TV, and since I wasn't living under a rock all year, I was aware of it.

  5. The success of Bridesmaids

    I think I'm aware of this due to the "Entertainment" section of the wral.com website, from which I get my local news.

  6. Oprah's final episode

    Ditto answer to item #4.

  7. Harry Potter ends

    Ditto answer to item #6.

  8. Friday Night Lights says goodbye

    I've never heard of this show.

  9. Beyonce's baby announcement

    This was all over social media, too. What piqued my interest about this "moment" was the use of the term "baby bump." Being a lover of words, I found it interesting how the connotation of this term was debated.

  10. Ladies at the Emmys

    I didn't realize this, since I didn't watch the Emmy Awards, and this is not one of those results I look at the next day, because since it's about TV, I usually don't know most of the players.

  11. Kim Kardashian's divorce

    I am probably mostly aware of this due to the LGBT community making the mockery that her marriage was a case of "denigrating the institution of marriage" way more than any two gay people getting married ever could.
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