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Christmas 2011

~Sunday~ I was on the road to Greenville by 8:30, and with one stop at a Sheetz gas station along the way, I arrived in Greenville shortly after 10:00.

I started things off with a bourbon and diet, and mom and dad arrived not too long after that.

This was The Year of the Snowman, at least if you believe Vivian's decorating theme. Let's see if you can find the snowman in each of these pictures. Don't strain yourself.

Look at the centerpiece

A tin in the place-setting (full of cheese straws)

The tray near the crab dip, the spreaders, the cup holding the nuts in the middle of the table, sitting on the bowl of chocolates, and the hummus and pita tray

Close-up of the nut holder and the pita and hummus tray

The kitchen clock

The wreath above the fireplace

And I actually took a couple of shots with people in them, too!

Mom, Vivian, Dad, and Jeff

Jeff & Vivian

We enjoyed a delicious meal, some nice conversation, and a gift exchange, after which it was time to load lots of containers of leftovers, mine including enough to replicate the meal again later with Robert, once I got back home.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, happy whatever you do celebrate and all the best in 2012!
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