DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A huge to-do item checked off: Addressing my address book...

~Saturday~  I spent a few hours on something I've been meaning to do for well over a year now, which was to close out my current address book that I was storing in—don't laugh—my old Palm Pilot.

I took this opportunity to "pare down" my entries. In addition to not moving some entries, in some cases, for the ones I did move, I didn't take all of the information I had stored in the old entries.

An example of some data that I did not transfer was directions to people's houses, which I can now get from Google Maps (where I'm sure the information will be more up-to-date) and historical data of my somewhat involved, definitely tedious accounting system of giving and receiving holiday cards.

As I'm wont to do, I calculated and graphed the work I did. This first graph is an overall summary.

The first column shows how many entries I had in my Palm Pilot. The second column shows how many of those made it into my Google Contacts list. The third column shows, of those now in my Google Contacts list, the number to whom I sent a holiday card or letter to this year. And, finally, the last column shows how many entries I did not move into Google Contacts.

Naturally, you're curious about the dropped entries and who these people are or why they were dropped. Enter the next two graphs, which offer an overview of those very things.

Although some of these do represent a "cutting of ties" if-you-will, a good number of them, I just didn't migrate because I can now get the same information that I had about them in my Palm Pilot from their Facebook entries.

This is a huge "to-do list item" for me, and I'm happy to report that it is checked off.

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