DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Robert!

~Tuesday~  Today was Robert's birthday, and his birthday gift was my treat for dinner at Irregardless Cafe, which has sort of become a traditional birthday dinner place for both of us over the years.

Robert arrived at my house at 6:15, and we arrived just in time for our 6:30 reservation. They have rearranged the entrance way there—to the better, in my opinion—to both enter and exit from the same door, and they got rid of a glass case in which they used to display food and other items for sale.

The place was fairly empty, but they had live music—a guy playing guitar, and there was a group there in the bar area, who eventually went into the kitchen. Of course, Robert and I had to know why, and we eventually found out from our server that they were there for cooking classes.

One of the reasons we have birthday dinners at Irregardless is that if you join their email list, you get a free bottle of wine with dinner on your birthday. As I'm not a wine drinker, I had just a skosh, enough to make a birthday toast. Robert only had one glass himself, and we took about three-fourths of the bottle to go.

Overall, it was a very nice dinner. We both had, because we love it, a house salad with their award-winning Lemon Tahini dressing, and I had the Wild Mushroom Mussel Risotto:

It was delicoius! Robert had their Steak au Poivre:

Happy Birthday, my sweet, and welcome to your 60th year on the planet.

Next year's birthday will be another "big OH" event. Oh, no!

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