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Bikefest 2003, and more films...

I arrived in Hillsborough for Bikefest 2003: Heritage Rural Tour at about 7:30. There were way more people registered for that ride than I thought there'd be. I checked in, and received an unexpected, complimentary pair of "Bikefest socks." Odd free gift. I was rider number 325.

The 20- and 31-mile riders rodeout at 8:00, and on-time at that! I really liked the way they marked the route with little yellow-painted markers on the pavement. Where it was significant, they put a "20" or "31" next to the arrow.

I saw only a couple of Tour de Friends riders, and finished the ride in 2.5 hours. I didn't stop at the 2nd rest stop. They were every 10 miles. They had some good food at them, though. Bagels, some with cream cheese, and some with peanut butter and jelly. They also had homemade nut and fruit breads, and cookies. A lady put a "peace sign" tattoo on my left arm.

Back home, I took a nap, and then headed out to the Carolina theater for my first movie, which was at 3:20, The Trip. When the one guy found out that the best-selling gay hate-book was written by his boyfriend and left, so did I. I just did not care about these characters.

I enjoyed Eden's Curve, which was my 5:00 movie. I loved the threesome scenes, which reminded me of my time with Bill and Stephanie. I also thought of the book, The Secret History, a lot during this movie. The poetry teacher was totally dreamy.

My 7:15 movie was Alma Mater, which I also didn't care for. I left just after the one character stole the picture of JFK from some place and brought it to the fraternity house. Who cares???

I got home in time to empty the dishwasher before Robert arrived. We ran over to Arby's, where he picked up a sandwich for dinner. We ate at the house, and I had a quarter of his sandwich with some chips.

Afterward, we played a game of dominoes, and then did a couple of crossword puzzles in bed. And then we, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.



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