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Film shorts...

I met Mary for lunch. Janet had a doctor's appointment, Sharon's in Ames for her dad's funeral, and Suzanne was on vacation. We exchanged stories about my brother and her ex-husband. Interesting lunch. I forgot to give her money toward the flowers we sent to the funeral.

I ran to Sam's and dropped off our Grand Canyon film. Pictures should be back after 5PM on Sunday.

I left work at about 6:40, and stopped at the McDonald's near the Carolina Theater for a quick dinner. Halfway through my meal, a man sitting at the table next to me and pointed to an article he was reading in the paper, to a sentence that said, "... with rats up to 10 inches long." He then proceeded, while I ate, to tell me about all the rats right here around this McDonald's.

"Out back all up and down those dumpster doors. See the red doors out there? And, here, along these window sills, smaller ones."

I got into the movie, "My Own Best Friend" (collection of shorts), with about five minutes to spare. I saw Howard and Robert Ferrier inside. It was good to see Robert, as I hadn't seen him in quite a while.

I wanted to sit by myself, so didn't go sit with Jay, Matt, and crowd. However, as soon as I sat by myself in the fourth row, Steve Falzarano joined me.

The movies, "Seventy," "Caley's Friend," "O Beautiful," and "The Visitor" were interesting. I guess I would rank them: "O Beautiful," "The Visitor," "Seventy," and then "Caley's Friend." The festival voted "The Visitor" as "Best Short." The lead was stunningly beautiful, and had the hottest pits. I liked the tension in "O Beautiful," though I totally didn't understand the ending.

When I got to Cinema One for "Tranny Brigade," Janet had already arrived. She was in good spirits. I bought chocolate-covered raisins, and she bought M&Ms. Not long after we took our seat, Robert arrived. He didn't think he would make it before the show started, so it was a nice surprise.

Tranny Brigade consisted of three shorts: "Unhung Heroes," (which I didn't care for), "Give or Take an Inch," (which I loved), and "Georgie Girl," (which was very, very good).

Since it was after eleven when it ended, we all headed right out and home. Home sweet home. All to myself.

I called Uncle Dennis to let him know that I had received his message, and had made their hotel reservations in Orlando. Yippee! Now there's two siblings on each side attending. I like that.

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