DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

NCGLFF Starts...

I met Thomas Stellpflug (IBMer here on business from Germany) at the Ed Center, and we rode out to Elmo's together. As we neared downtown Durham, Steve called to tell us that Elmo's was closed due to air conditioning repair work. We met him (and Robert) there anyway, and we all followed Robert to T.K. Trips.

We arrived at the theater at about 10 till 7, and joined Jay, Wayne, and Mark Z.

Life on Christopher Street was very hard to understand (due to the poor quality of the speakers, and to the slang being used by the characters). Afterward, Thomas said he understood about two words in it.

The Gift was a very, very interesting movie. It was disturbing, but very thought-provoking. New vocabulary words include gift-givers and bug-chasers.

We drove separately to Flex. Jay in his car. Robert in his. And Thomas with me. We stopped by IBM, he got in his car, and I changed in mine, and then he followed me to Flex.

It was great to be dancing again. I pretty much abandoned Thomas, but he and Jay seemed to keep a conversation going pretty much the whole night, so that's good. At about 10:30, Jay left, and Thomas followed him out.

Robert and I stayed until about 11:30.

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