DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

That's not my beautiful house; that's not my beautiful wife...

~Thursday~  On the Wolfline #9 bus home, I checked my work email and there was a note from a colleague asking me why the background on one of his Web pages was pink, and I devised a quick reply to him, which he greatly appreciated.

When I got off the bus, it was dark, and as I approached my car, I hit the unlock button on my fob, and grabbed the handle to open my driver door. Just then, the eyes of a black lady sitting behind the wheel flew open in horror, and I had to stifle the scream lunging from my lungs.

Turns out my car was behind hers. I apologized profusely and then started laughing as I walked to my car, thinking about that scene in E.T. when the little girl and E.T. first see each other.

Note: For some reason this video is persnickety about loading. If it's blank, click here to view it. It's a 25-second video.
Tags: bus, favorite, work

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