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Excellent Entertainment: Go see MIDDLETOWN at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham

~Saturday~  Do you like to think? Of course you do. Do you like to laugh? Of course you do. Do you have existential angst? Of course you do, or you have in the past, or it's time you do.

I absolutely loved Manbites Dog Theater's current run of Will Eno's Middletown, and would have loved it even if:

  1. I wasn't on the board of directors of this little gem of a theater, and

  2. My friend Jeff Storer wasn't the director, and

  3. My friend Jeffrey Moore wasn't in the cast.

It's just good theater.

I'm no professional theater critic; I don't even play one in my blog. You can read some of that on The Upstager, where the News & Observer, the Independent, CVNC.org, and The Chronicle refer to the play as "darkly comic," "4 stars," "excellent theater," and "compelling," respectively.

As the case almost always is with Manbites' productions, this play will make you think while you're there, that evening when you get home, and probably some more the next day.

by Will Eno

Directed by Jeff Storer 
Regional Premiere 
September 29-October 15, 2011

Welcome to Middletown. We've all been there.

Meet the inhabitants of a small town whose lives seem unsurprising and ordinary. But life is always more complicated than it appears, and beneath the ordinary lies something epic, elusive, and mysterious. Experience a deeply moving and deeply comic new work by the author of Oh, the Humanity

Featuring: David J. Berberian, Chris Burner, Barbara Dickinson, Thaddaeus Edwards, Madeleine Lambert, Bart Matthews, Jeffrey Moore, Tara-Whitney Rison, Chaunesti Webb 
Middletown image by Bethany Bash

There's a 3:15 show tomorrow, Sunday, October 9, and then 8:15 shows left Wednesday (10/12) through Saturday (10/15) of this coming week.

Consider it for "date night!" It'll give you something to talk about over coffee or a drink afterwards—or the next day.
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