DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Williams, Arizona

We spent a little time in the hot tub this morning, and Robert took some pictures of me playing behind the waterfall in it. They'll probably not look anywhere near what I envision, but it was fun playing and taking them nonetheless.

We ate the breakfast buffet in the hotel, and it was quite delicious!

We packed up some snacks and took a forty or so mile ride to the little town of Williams. This is the town where you pick up the Grand Canyon Railroad if you want to do that ride. We weren't going on a train ride, but just wanted to see the town.

Back at the room, we got in bed and did a crossword puzzle together, and watched a little TV.

It was quite quaint. We went into the information center, and then walked up and down the main street of the town. That was about all there was to it. Route 66 "sort of" ran through the town. Well, it was close to there (about a 20 minute ride), but the had "faux" route 66 signs up along the street, and I stood under one for a picture. We also took a picture in front of one of the Grand Canyon Railroad trains, and one of me sitting on a bench with this mannequin that had a mechanical arm that kept raising and lowering. Robert snapped the picture as we both had our (opposite) hands at the apex.

I bought a country and western shirt in a shop, and we had dinner at a little restaurant, which advertised killer homemade pies. I had a club sandwich, which was the deal. We ordered a slice of butterscotch cream pie, and a slice of banana cream pie. We ate half of each there, and took the other halves to go. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Back up at the canyon, I spent about an hour in the courtyard on a barstool writing out postcards. Robert took a walk to check out the outdoor pool. Later we took a nap.

We rode back out to the rim of the canyon to watch a sunset up there. We got some pictures from Mather's Point, and then a few from Grand View.

We went to dinner in one of the restaurants there. We had delicious appetizers (Robert crabcakes, and me con queso dip and chips), and a disappointing Caesar salad for the main course. We finished at about 9:20. Karaoke was starting at 10, but we didn't feel up to waiting around for it.

Back at the room, we got in bed and did a couple of crossword puzzles before lights out.

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