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Back to work, catching up my blog, calendar updates, and coffee w/Joe @ Caribou...

~Monday~  I decided to work from home this morning up until my 11:00 meeting at the Avent Ferry Technology Center (AFTC). That made more sense than catching the bus into my office, staying there for about an hour-and-a-half and then catching another bus to the AFTC.

When I sent an email to my manager to tell her as much, her out-of-the-office automated email response reminded me that she wasn't going to be in today.

I was going to park in the Bruegger's lot and walk across the street, but when I got to the Avent Ferry and Gorman intersection, I saw people waiting for the Wolfline #1 Avent Ferry bus, which goes right by the AFTC, so I parked real quick and caught that bus instead.

Pat, Verna, and I were there at 11:00 and when by 11:10, Kim hadn't shown up, I called her.

"Were you going to join us this morning?" I asked when she answered her phone.

"Oh, shit!" she said.

"Don't call me shit," I replied.

After apologizing profusely for forgetting, she arrived for the meeting about ten minutes later—having to come from another building.

After the meeting, I caught the same bus over to my building, where after setting in, I caught up with Jen and how her presentation, Where is Everyone? Community-Building Online, went at The Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston last week.

I made some calendar adjustments today, including:

  1. Rescheduling my get-together with Mike Manuel on Wednesday.

  2. Calendering Robert's 5-year work anniversary recognition event this week.

  3. Adding seeing Middletown on Thursday.

  4. Rescheduling my dentist appointment from Thursday, 10/06, to Monday, 10/10.

  5. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Isbell, who did my knee surgery in 2008.

  6. Calendaring my next Mastercard payment date.

I spent some time catching up my blog from the stressful weekend that I had, and although I didn't get back to the gym tonight like I wanted to, I did have a thoughtful eating day.

Tomorrow night, I must catch up on my Manbites Dog Board volunteer work. It's so overdue.

I met Joe at Caribou Coffee at Olde Raleigh Village, where we caught up, and I closed the place down at 10:00.

I considered stopping by Flex's scareyoke, but more so for it being $2.25 well drink night, but once in my car, I decided to go home instead.
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