DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

So much energy when they're young, not-so-much when they're not, and mom's recovery from her surgery

~Wednesday~  I was out of the house at 8:14 and after checking my US mail was at the city bus stop at 8:15.

The bus arrived at 8:25, and it had a fair number of people on it for a change. Lately there's only been 2 or 3 people on when I've boarded at my stop, but today there were about a dozen already on board.

We stopped at a stop that's across from a grade school bus stop, and two older guys sitting behind me were commenting about them, "So much energy when they're that young."

There are three students who fairly regularly get on the city bus at the McKimmon Center stop if it arrives before the university bus. It's the Asian girl that I alluded to as an "Asian Dominatrix" for saying that she was going to tell the white guy she was with "when to get off." Those two, and another white guy who hangs with them, are who I'm talking about.

Meagan visited my mom today with her kids, and things did not go well. My mom was still drifting in and out of reality, which is frightening for adults, much less children.

Vivian visited later in the day and the situation hadn't changed. I'm kind of getting this real sick feeling about things, and how they're going to play out the rest of this week.

I went dancing tonight, but my knee is now in such a place that I'm in constant, pretty bad pain, so after doing the first dance (Cruising—which is a fairly slow and low-impact dance), I didn't do any more.

Legends had laid down a temporary wooden floor, which had the look of plywood, and Van was only able to play a limited number of songs as he'd created his MP3s on a Mac and they didn't play on the system they had there.

Overall, I'm not optomistic about the move to Legends, but I'm trying to keep an open mind, at least until my mind is in a better place, between my own health issues, and what's going on in Jacksonville.

On the way home, my "check bladder" light came on:

Check engine light in which the engine looks like a bladder

This is not good news, since I'm supposed to drive to Jacksonville first thing in the morning. Guess I'll be stopping by Jiffy Lube to have them read the code on that.

And then, the left lens of my glasses popped out. When it rains, it pours.

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