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An out-of-sync sync stop, catching up with work goings-on, and mom's hip replacement surgery...

~Monday~ I was at the the city bus stop at 8:17 this morning. I added two items to my Ta-Da to-do list, while I waited for the bus to arrive, which it did at 8:22. It was the perfect temperature out at 63°.

There were two people on board when I boarded, and although it wasn't yet 8:25 when we got to the next stop, which is a stop to sync up until that time, the bus kept going. "This is how the bus gets ahead of schedule," I thought.

Well, lo and behold, as if the driver heard me, he pulled off to the side of the road after turning left onto Gorman street and stopped to sync there for three minutes. This is like what that lady driver did a couple of weeks ago over by Sadlack's. I just don't understand. You pass a marked sync stop that's on a side road, where there's a parking lane in which to do the waiting, and instead, you turn the corner and stop where:

  1. There's no parking lane, meaning drivers have to go around you and into the other lane here

  2. It's just after a traffic light and at the bottom of the hill, so hard for cars coming toward you to see you until the last minute

  3. The road is a main road, and much busier in general.
D'oh, it's probably for all those reasons that the sync stop is before you turn onto Gorman. It's just nuts.

At work, I learned that my friend and colleague, Nick, had his babies on Friday. Evidently I missed the entire event play out on Twitter! Shame on me.

I walked with Jen down to Reverie Coffee Den for a morning cup, mostly just to catch up after being out for a week, since I had a thermos full of my coffee in my office. I just saved it and drank it later. I almost never pass up a chance to strengthen social ties.

I didn't realize until about an hour before, that I had an 11:00 meeting in another building. Rushing across the street to catch a university bus to where it was, I missed the #1 bus, which was the one I needed, and I saw it driving away. The #9 pulled up behind it and I hopped on it. It goes almost to where I needed to go.

I got off the #9 when it got as close to where I needed to be that it does, and lo and behold, right behind it, the #1 pulled up! It had stopped at the previous stop longer than the #9 that I was on, so I hopped on it, and its next stop was right where I needed to be.

Since I had just a little bit of time before the meeting, I crossed the street and stepped into Bruegger's where I bought a coupon book that I had seen advertised on Bruegger's Twitter feed:

$3 Coupon Books worth $20 are selling out fast! Support @Dine_Out & RUN to get yours while suplies last!

My 11:00 - 12:00 meeting started at about 11:10, but it was productive and I made a decent contribution. At 12:05, I reminded the team that we were over our stop time, and asked for our next steps and when we were going to meet next to close the meeting.

I had lunch at home, and the rest of my work day was uneventful.

I spent the evening catching up my digital life, including working on Friday's and Saturday's blog entries.

My mom had her hip replacement surgery today, and so far the prognosis is that "all went well." My sister spent a good deal of the day with her, and checked in a couple of times with progress reports.
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