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~Friday~  I slept in this morning, so happy to have taken a vacation day even though I was back in town, and could have worked.

I spent a good chunk of time devising Thursday blog entries from the notes I'd taken on my phone of yesterday's arduous travel day.

I also took advantage of my one day in town, before flying up to New England tomorrow morning to do some things around the house, one of which was a load of laundry. Another of which was cleaning out my refrigerator, which caused all three shelves and a lot of what was on the door to be gone when I was finished. As the recipient of the remnants of a lot of it, my recycle bin gained the following:

  • two bottles of Pete's Wicked Ale Strawberry Blonde beer

  • one bottle of Miller Lite

  • eight Budweiser cans

  • one Gatorade bottle (from my colonoscopy regiment, never opened; I hate Gatorade and would never drink it without having to)

  • two plastic cups of bottled water (also from my colonoscopy that I didn't drink)

  • a mayonnaise jar

  • a soy sauce bottle

  • a cocktail sauce bottle

  • a giant garlic olive jar

  • a rice vinegar bottle

  • a cooking wine bottle

  • a Marishino cherry jar

  • a horseradish mustard jar

Later in the afternoon, on my way into the office, I dropped by Bob's just as he was heading out to work to drop off a little bag of dog treats from Key West for Frances and Vincent. I was surprised, and pleased, to find out that they didn't get crushed into a million pieces, as that was something else I didn't think to take out of my suitcase that I ended up having to check on that Atlanta to Raleigh flight last night.

In the office I took care of a bunch of things in anticipation of my trip tomorrow, including checking in for my flight, confirming my rental car reservation, checking the weather for the weekend in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and looking at Google maps to and from several of the places I'll be going to and coming from while there.

Against my better judgment, I went out tonight, to The Borough, where I saw Joe Judge, and actually ended up having a good conversation with a guy named Jim, whom I've met there before. Talking with someone in a bar always seems to improve the impression of the time had.



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