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Key West Vacation—Day 3

~Tuesday~  I was up early again this morning, since I fell asleep so early. I'm getting up earlier on vacation than I ever do at home. Bizarre.

I only had a cinnamon raisin bagel, with cream cheese, and coffee for breakfast, and I spent some time there in the poolside restaurant making several moves in the many Scrabble games I'm in the midst of, and working a little on my blog.

We made sandwiches for lunch, and a little later in the afternoon, Joe ran out and returned with two cans of Pringles and "a gift" for me. Jim Beam!

We made ourselves go to Happy Hour again today, but we went late and left before it was over, as we had decided to eat dinner down on Duval at the Pizza Joe's. I had two slices of their meat lovers, and Joe had one slice of meat lovers and one slice of pepperoni.

From there, we went to Cowboy Bill's, where I danced a couple of two-steps with Marvin, and a few line dances by myself. I did cruising to Neon Moon (the same dance to the same song we do it to in Raleigh), and just before leaving, the dance that we do to the song Texas Tattoo, whose dance name I don't know. I tried to join in on Backstreet Attitude, but after one time through, I remembered that they do a series of two or four steps in the opposite direction than we do it, right in the middle of the dance, and I couldn't pick up on it. Had I been drinking?

I was in touch with Bob back home and he went to the Cowboy Bill's website, where they have live webcams, and I walked around the perimeter of the dance floor waving at what I suspected were the cameras, where after a minute the DJ and dance instructor ran up to me and guided me to the middle of the stage and pointed out the camera that was broadcasting on the Internet. What fun.

It's always a pleasure dancing with Marvin. He can lead or follow—like myself—and I always let him lead, because he's the better lead. And if there's anyone in the world who sweats more than I do when I dance, it's him. So, that's the least of my worries when dancing with him outside in the heat and humidity.

What I really love about the line-dancing there is that it seems like it would be a redneck place, but there are guys dancing with girls, guys dancing with guys, and girls dancing with girls, and no one bats an eye, gawks, or makes any comments. They just smile.

Which reminds me, and I'm mentioning it here for posterity, I can't wait to get back to the great state of North Carolina, where our unenlightened, and soon to be on the wrong side of history, state government has voted to put an opportunity before the people of North Carolina to amend our state's constitution to ban something that's already illegal there. Thanks for denying the humanity of a portion of your residents. Thank god marriage is not an institution to which I aspire. I'm sorry for my gay friends to which it is, though.

After a few dances, I met Joe over at 801 Bourbon Street, where Todd who works at the Island House, has his second job as a barback, back in the Saloon One part of the complex, and whom we'd told we'd stop out and see him when we were out on Tuesday night.

We didn't stay very long at all, and we were back to the Island House at just before 11:00, and where I once again fell asleep within about ten minutes.
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