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It's my move in eight games, a found hour to prep for deviled eggs, & Suzanne's family gathering...

~Saturday~  I devised Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's blog entries from my phone notes and posted them.

I made moves in the many Scrabble games in which it was my turn:

Scrabble game status indicating that it's my move in eight games

I created a doodle.com poll to schedule September's, October's, November's, and December's Salons and sent the link to the members.

I was getting ready to get in the shower before heading out to Suzanne's for a family gathering of hers, when she called to delay it by an hour. With my new-found time, I went ahead and boiled a dozen eggs that I'm going to make deviled eggs with for a little cookout with Robert and Joe tomorrow. I ended up having time to boil them, peel them, slice them removing the yolks from them, and making up the yolk mixture before leaving for Chapel Hill.

Most of Suzanne's extended family was in town, as they're having a memorial service for her mom tomorrow, who actually died back in May in Florida, after a long bout with Alzheimer's.

It was great to meet many of the people in Suzanne's life that she's talked about for the twenty-or-so years I've known her. Also there, from the Mostly Social Book Club, were Mary and Sharon. We actually had a great conversation about books, and by we, I mean other people sitting around the table with us, most notably Suzanne's sister-in-law Donna, and a neighborhood friend of hers, Meryl, whose name I'm not sure is spelled like that, but that's how it was pronounced.

Turns out, Meryl had recently been asked to join a book club, and after attending one meeting, and having to miss the second one, she's very ambivalent about continuing with it or not. Currently she's reading The Likeness.

Donna, a voracious reader, had read many of the books we've read in book club, and mentioned these as "standouts" of ones that I haven't read, which is why I made a note of them:

  1. A Fine Balance

  2. The Liar's Club, and

  3. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, whose title alone I absolutely loved.

I got back to Raleigh at a little after 9:30 and I stopped in the Food Lion for just a few things I need for tomorrow's cookout.

I got to Flex at a little after 10:30, where I was surprised to not find Joe already there, since I was running behind. He arrived shortly afterward, though.

It was a "typical" bar night there, with the theme being "Muscle Bears," which for the most part is an oxymoron. The only definite good thing about it was that you got in for no cover if you showed a gym membership. Thank you, Planet Fitness.
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