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Bus not shown, head muckety-muck meetings, disqualified from 2 surveys, & a beware unaware...

~Friday~ It's a Wolfline bus kind of week. I drove to the nearer Wolfline stop—at Kaplan and Gorman—and just missed a bus that drove by while I was parking. I debated as to going to the nearby city bus stop, but since there were about 15 more minutes before it was due (and its standard deviation is higher than that of the Wolfline's), I opted to go to the Wolfline stop, and that bus did indeed end up coming before the city bus did.

A new "feature" has popped up on the Wolfline GPS system that is not at all helpful. While displaying the whereabouts of four buses, it also had a text note at the top that said, "One bus not shown." I'm here to tell you that I would rather not know that at all, because all it does is make me churn about where it might be, which is nothing more than mere guessing and a total waste of energy.

In the end, when I see, "One bus not shown," all it does is make me want to shout, "Why the hell not???"

On the bus, a student was reading a very seasoned hardback book from the library (complete with a Dewey Decimal number on it), which had this on the binder: Berlitz. Self-teacher: French. I guess they had hardback books before they went audio and digital.

I had three meetings today—the ones I scheduled on Wednesday—with the leaders of those IT Governance task forces. They all went surprisingly well.

The first one was in my building, with one director for my organization and one director from the College of Engineering. We were all glad it lasted 15 minutes instead of the scheduled one hour.

The second one was with Dr. Petherbridge, Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Support Services, and we met—at her suggestion—at the Port City Java in the Textiles building on Centennial Campus. It, too, went smoothly and was over in 15-20 minutes.

And my final meeting was late in the day with the IT Audit Manager of the university's Internal Audit Division, who was gracious enough to come to my office. Once, again, short and sweet.

Today, I got disqualified from participating in two paid opinion surveys:

  1. An entertainment survey, because I evidently don't play certain video games on either my desktop, a mobile device, or a console game station.

  2. A consumer spending survey, because I evidently don't shop at a high enough frequency at Old Navy, Kohl's, and Target.

On the way home, our bus had to stop for a stopped school bus, where a bunch of kids got off. The mother of a couple of them was standing on a balcony of an apartment within view of the stop, and her two kids flew to her, running up the stairs and wrapping themselves in her skirt hugging her. So cute.

At home, I napped from 6:30 to 8:30 and then caught up on some of the news on cnn.com.

In their entertainment section, I saw a reference to the imminent movie of The Hunger Games book that I just read. There were pictures of the two actors playing the lead, one of whom was totally hot:

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

That, of course, led me to do a Google images search on him. Adorable. Oh yeah, his older brother is incredibly handsome, too. I mean, if you go for that sort of thing. And I do.

After that wild digression, I went ahead and read the full synopses, which included spoilers of course, of the second two books that I've decided not to read (Catching Fire and Mockingjay) in The Hunger Games trilogy.

Let's just say that I'm glad to know how it all plays out, but I'm so glad I just read the synopses and not the books.

I arrived at The Borough at about 10:30, and after being there for a little while, this guy came in who I recently saw a Craigslist posting about that said, "Beware this guy!" He had a date with him, and when he went to the bathroom, I was very tempted to say something to his date, who stood right beside me waiting for the guy to come back out of the bathroom.

On the one hand, I thought it would be "a kind thing to do," but on the other hand it seemed like nosing into other people's business and potentially starting a lot of gay drama. And besides, I only had one side of a story.

After another little while, a guy who lives in New Bern came in, and after introducing himself, I said, "I'm going to go over to Legends to see the midnight show. If you're interested, I can get you in free over there." He'd never been to Legends (and after already having been to 313 and Flex tonight and reporting them both as "tragic"), he had nothing to lose to see what Legends was like for free.

I forgot that it was First Friday, which means no drag show at Legends, but their Amateur Night competition instead, which I generally don't care for. After the first person performed, that guy went out for a smoke, and I took my leave of the place.

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