DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The next Nextel number...

I had a great day. Work was good. Robert stopped by after work, and we had dinner together. Got to love that "Garden Cheddar" Tuna Helper. At least I made green beans to go with it. We ate, and had a little time to... mmmmmmmmm.

Dancing was absolutely wonderful tonight. IS there anything better than dancing? Yes, dancing with MEN. Gerald and Paul said such nice things about me tonight. I really like them, and they are such a damn cute couple. I was very surprised to learn they are both recently out of long-term relationships -- one of 12 years, and the other of 18. They don't look nearly that old. Of course the 12 year one was between one of them, a 30 year old, and his (now) ex-partner of 51. They started going out when he was 18. Hmmmm. So an 18 year old and a 39 year old when they started. Hmmmm. I think we all knew THAT would never work. ;-)

I totally enjoyed my two-stepping tonight -- especially the dances with Joe and Gerald. It was pretty crowded and the two lessons were great. LIFE IS GOOD.

I'm looking forward to participating in a (dissertation) study about Male Gay Relationships tomorrow night. It's a chat session on the Internet, which should be interesting. I'm thinking typing 95WPM is going to be a hindrance in this exercise instead of an asset. One of the ground rules is that if the screen is scrolling too fast, you can type in PAUSE, and then everyone has to cease entering until the person who entered that signals that they are caught up. I may be doing housework in between replies. :-)

Oh yeah, I got a new phone number today. No more weather alerts! And no more "mass system alerts." Life IS good!

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