DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A secret cliché, arms and legs about the yard, and a long day at the office...

~Sunday~ I wanted to sleep in today, but I couldn't as I was still anxious about not having heard from my parents.

I was surprised to see this entry in this week's PostSecrets.

I fear that I will NEVER be the person my DOG thinks I am...

Isn't that a cliché? I mean there's nothing wrong with having a secret that's a cliché, I just don't think that's worthy of being published on the PostSecret site.

I spent most of my day—from 10:00 AM until midnight—in my office, spending almost all of that time working on a document for our Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. This is a second draft of the one I spent the weekend working on a couple of weeks ago.

I did leave for about an hour for lunch, which turned into a lunch-joint boondoggle with stops at:

  1. K&W: way too long of a line with four winding rows and then through the entrance way to the front door

  2. Moe's Diner: too crowded, too

  3. The Diner: stood too long waiting to be seated; at least three wait people passed by me not even looking up to where I was standing at the "Wait To Be Seated" sign

After that, I said, "Screw it. I'm going home for lunch." Which is what I did.

I toyed with the idea of running to the gym, but thought better of it, as I didn't want to run out of time finishing this document tonight, so I went right back to the office, making a sandwich to take with me for dinner later while there.

Mid-afternoon, my niece checked in by phone to let me know that my parents had fared the storm fairly well. I posted this status update, which garnered a lot of comments, as you can see:

Just received word that the parental units are okay in Jacksonville. Scattered limbs about their yard, and power is still out, but they are okay.
More comments about that status update.

Printing a final copy of the document before heading out the door at 11:45 PM, I thought, "Good decision," about not having taken an hour off this afternoon to go to the gym. Good night, Irene.
Tags: hurricane, work

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