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A yenta fail, no C-Diff to speak of, a return-to-car fail, and a festive dance night...

~Wednesday~  I was ready at 8:05, this morning and caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus at Avent Ferry and Gorman at 8:10.

A guy sitting next to me was reading a book that I couldn't quite see without being any more obvious. I jotted down: Faber Fritts? as potentially being the author's name, and The Bell? as potentially being the title of the book, but a Google search on those just now comes up as a big bad yenta FAIL.

At one of the stops along Fraternity Row (where there are also sorority houses), I enjoyed watching three male heads move in unison as their eyes followed about six girls who boarded, and walked by us, one after another.

The girl sitting next to me smelled like curry.

I had a fairly uneventful, but heads-down work day that pretty much flew by.

At the shelter waiting on the city bus home, I called my parents to see how they were doing and if they were concerned about the hurricane making its way up the east coast and potentially making landfall "down the road" from them. They're in Jacksonville and the projected path at the time was for Morehead City.)

My mom didn't seem very worried about it, and the conversation eventually drifted to their health, and after talking about a number of problems my dad is having, she casually mentioned having scheduled a hip replacement for September 19th, which is my parents' wedding anniversary.

"I like having my surgeries on that date, because it makes the date easier to remember," she said. Evidently she had one of her knee replacements on her anniversary, too.

When it was all said and done, she said she was going to call tomorrow to see about postponing that surgery, and that she would keep me posted. I'd be my next paycheck (albeit which isn't all that much)that I won't hear from her one way or the other unless I call back and ask for an update about it.

Arriving at home on the city bus, I found my driveway empty, which of course reminded me that I'd taken the university bus in and my car was way over by the Gorman and Avent Ferry intersection.

I fried up sausage to use a little later to make a dip (sausage, cream cheese, and Rotel chilies and diced tomatoes) to take to dancing.

Then I stepped out back to bring my trash can around for tomorrow's collection, and seeing the absolutely out of control and overgrown weeds taking over my air-conditioning and vines wrapped about 16 times around cables and cords out there, I took a pruner to all of that, before bringing the trash can around.

Then I walked to get my car, and made the dip when I got back.

Dancing was festive tonight, as we celebrated Carl's birthday, which is actually tomorrow.

In addition to my dip, Michael had made several varieties of cupcakes (banana with cream cheese frosting, banana with chocolate frosting, caramel with a cream cheese frosting, caramel with a German Chocolate frosting, and chocolate with German Chocolate frosting), all of which were delicious.

Bob was a kind and generous soul, who although not being a dancer, brought little hot dogs wrapped in rolls and a homemade dipping sauce for them.

Since I'd been in touch with my doctor's office earlier in the day and the doc had said my results from the C-Diff test were negative, I was: 1) so glad I hadn't started on that Flagyl for nothing, and 2) I drank the hell out of some bourbon and Diet Coke to "celebrate."
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