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The perfect temperature, the earth moves under my feet, and a non-alcohol SIGDOC meeting...

~Tuesday~ I was ready early this morning, so I killed a little time before going to the bus stop by installing Open Office on my home desktop computer, and collecting the trash around the house in anticipation of this week's collection.

It was the perfect temperature out this morning. I arrived at the city bus stop at 8:13, and the bus arrived at 8:25.

For a nice change, the bus ride was uneventful.

Since my boss was out this morning, and we'd had it yesterday afternoon instead, I didn't have to attend our regularly scheduled staff meeting from 9-10.

At lunch time, I walked across The Brickyard to the mailbox beside Harrelson Hall, and mailed three things: Brad's 50th Birthday (which was July 10th) card, a sympathy card to my friend Van, and a thank-you letter to a Duke professor for her funding and donations of Manbites Dog Theater productions this year.

I had a Social Media meeting from 1:00 until 2:00 at the Mission Valley Bruegger's today, and mid-meeting, as I sat with 7 or 8 colleagues, the ground and building started shaking.

At first we thought it was a huge truck pulling up beside the building, but then my friend Jen noticed the door frame vibrating. Rut-roh.

She checked the WRAL news website to see if there was anything on it as I got up to put something in the trash can. I walked by someone who said, "Oh my god. It was an earthquake! It's all over Facebook and Twitter already."

And then, since we were having a SOCIAL MEDIA MEETING, all of us jumped on our phones to read tweets, some of which were pretty funny. One of my favorites was, "SHUT UP, California! This is weird for us! Love, The East Coast."

Of course the rest of the afternoon and all evening, the Internet and all news mediums were abuzz with earthquake news and stories.

We have a newly re-done bathroom on the second floor of our building and this afternoon I discovered a slight little flaw in the electricity-saving devices included as part of the redesign.

It's got a detector at the door that makes the light come on when you walk in. Well, I'm here to tell you that if you go into one of the stalls there, and you're in there long enough, the light goes off and no amount of waving your hands frantically, or moving within that stall, will makes those lights come back on. FAIL!

Jen invited me to go to two events tonight, the first being a Social Media Meet-up in North Raleigh at 7:00, followed by a SIGDOC event at 7:30 at Mitch's Tavern.

By the time I got home, it was pretty obvious to me that I was going to be way too rushed to make the 7:00 gig, at which Jen was just going to stay 20 or so minutes to get to the 7:30 event, anyway.

I sent her message telling her that I was going to have to blow that off, and I'd meet her at Mitch's.

It was the SIGDOC-sponsored IBM Pathways Night, during which the IBM rep, Chris, who's been coming the last few years now, talks to any of the interested student currently in the MS program to see if they'd be interested in participating in it.

I drank only unsweetened tea, which is virtually unheard of. I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry, that I called my doctor's office to see what the results of my specimen from Friday was, but it hadn't come back yet. Shameika said something about "the culture needing more time to grow." You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think. ~Dorothy Parker~

I told her that I was anxious to get started on the antibiotic, and after talking to the doc, he decided to prescribe Flagyl for me. After reading how severe the side effects were for that antibiotic, especially in regards to drinking any alcohol with it, I had decided to wait until I got my results back instead of starting it and possibly finding out I didn't have the C-Diff for which he was prescribing it.

So, in the meantime, I was just staying away from alcohol in case I did go on it tomorrow when the results come back. And that way, the alcohol would be that much further out of my system.

A bunch of us hung out at Mitch's until almost 10:00
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