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A bumbling boarder, a three-meeting workday, celebratory drinks, and The Help pleases...

~Thursday~ I was at the city bus stop at 8:18. Because the bus didn't arrive until 8:25, and there was no one else waiting at the stop after that deluge of students yesterday, I was starting to wonder if I'd missed it getting out there at 8:18.

I guess those students only have Monday-Wednesday classes early enough to catch the 8:15, or later classes (or none at all) on Tuesday-Thursday. Ah, the days of being able to schedule your day—with a day or two off!

There was a new driver this morning. A guy. Nice enough. Decent driver, too.

Two older, white people sat together across from me. She was about my age, and he was perhaps a little older. His hair certainly was whiter. He spoke with a British accent, and I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

A lady boarded while on her cell phone at the McKimmon stop, and she struggled trying to slide her dollar into the fare machine with her head resting on her phone that was resting on her shoulder. As she passed the "No Cell Phone Use While Boarding" sign, she fell into a seat as the bus accelerated and her keys went flying on the floor. Get it together, girl.

I had a three-meeting day today; you know I just loved that.

The first was our monthly staff meeting at my boss's boss's level. I brought my work Mac to the meeting to take notes—okay to do other stuff in the background—and at one point I looked at the guys sitting across from me—five "cool kids" with Macs, and I thought, "Hey, I'm one of them now." (Well, I'm getting there.)

My second meeting was short and sweet, as it was with our intern, Vanessa, who's always a pleasure to work with, and I felt helpful after talking through a possible organization for a website she's working on with Jen to design.

And my third meeting was my department's working meeting, during which, well, we actually worked. In anticipation of a meeting where having tomorrow regarding a security campaign we're going to do this fall, we put a communications plan together to have our thoughts and ideas together going into the meeting tomorrow.

After work, I walked over to Mitch's Tavern (Isn't that the worst website ever? Bless their hearts! Such a great place, though.), where I joined my colleagues Twanda and Jason, and Twanda's manager, Sarah for a little celebratory beverages in honor of Twanda's superb customer service skills, which were on display earlier this week in a training session with an exceptionally hostile participant. In addition to drinks, we also had some pita and hummus and some nachos and salsa. Yummy.

Sarah was kind enough to take me home, and shortly after arriving there, I hopped in my car and drove out to Brier Creek.

I met Robert at the theater there for the 7:05 showing of The Help. It cost ten fucking dollars to get in that movie, which is a total outrage.

I finished reading the book back in December and Robert just finished it this week, so we were really looking forward to seeing the movie, and it didn't disappoint either of us. For a 2 hour and 17 minute, movie it moved right along for both of us, which means we were probably pretty engaged.

Seeing just now, getting that link to The Help from Wikipedia that they refer to it as a "comedy-drama" reminds me that my boss referred to it as that today and I laughed at her. I didn't think that when I read the book, and I didn't think that while watching the movie.

I mean it had funny parts, but to me, it's a serious movie.

Back at home I read some more of The Hunger Games. Oh yes, coming down the home stretch now, and will finish it up tomorrow for sure.

93% done, 7% to go
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