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Razor blade extensions, students at the bus stop and back to school, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  A while ago, my friend Bob, who reads my blog and knows I haven't changed the blade in my razor since February 4, 2011, gave me an ARKO shaving soap stick, saying that it gives him such a smooth, smooth shave (of his head), and joking that it could probably allow me to use my razor blades even longer.

Well, this morning I finally tried it, as I was going to wait until my can of shaving cream ran out before trying it, but realized that that probably won't be until some time in 2013.

I have to say it was definitely smooth, and at about $.75 per stick, definitely a value.

I viewed a Youtube vid, which is actually billed as a "test" of the product as opposed to a "how-to-use" the product, but I'll tell you what. I would never, ever, ever use that much of this product for a shave.

I wet the tip of the stick and just ran it two times over the places I was going to shave, which literally took less than a minute.

Contrast that to the 2.5 minutes the guy in this video takes just to prep the stuff before using it, not to mention making enough lather to shave five people five times. I'm pretty sure I can make my one stick last five years.

That behind me, I arrived at the city bus stop at 8:15. In what has never happened in the almost three years I've been riding the city bus to work, there were students at my stop this morning.

It started off with two of them, and after a few minutes a third joined them. Evidently they live in the townhouses with the backs facing the bus stop, where Riley and his owners live, or used to live, as I haven't seen him let out in the morning in ages. But I digress...

It wasn't hard to listen to their conversation, because that's what I do (Gotta get my blog fodder somewhere!), but it was hard not answering some of the questions they were tossing about with regards to the bus.

"I wonder what time the bus usually arrives," one of them said. To which of course you know what I wanted to say: "Are you engineers? You know the difference between the average, the median, the mean, and the mode? Well, the mode is 8:22."

"Hey, is this bus tracked online?" another asked. To which I wanted to say, "In fact, it is. But I can't get it to work on my BlackBerry. Here's the URL..."

I resisted being Mr. Buttinski, though, and then one of them said, "So Matt lives right over there?" indicating some townhouses across the way.

"Yes," another answered.

To which the first retorted, "Then he should definitely have a pool."

To which the third said, "We definitely need to hang out with Matt more then."

In the meantime, another student, a girl, had come to the stop. And when the bus pulled up, late, at 8:26, another student came running as the five of us were boarding. Could be an interesting semester.

Classes started back up and campus was just teeming with fresh, young faces with their whole lives ahead of them. This is one of the best things about working at a university. Renewal.

I spent a good portion of my day today editing and preparing trackable links to place in our monthly publication to help us discern how the information is accessed and what people find interesting.

I attended a 1.5-hour meeting that, as it turned out, I could have skipped without missing much. Not that it wasn't a productive meeting, it was just that about 99% of what was covered in it is stuff I don't need to know.

I did have my laptop in there, though, and I did other work in the background. And it was my (work) Mac, which I'm forcing myself to use more and more in order to help me increase my productivity on my own Mac at home. I have also started a list of questions about things that don't work as I expect them to, or would like them to, to ask Jen about when she gets back from her vacation in Canada.

Dancing was fun tonight. I got a decent amount of exercise in, and we had a decent number of dancers.

Also, in addition to Bob, Alex and Steven were out, and they even took a line-dance lesson—The Watermelon Crawl—taught by Carl.

I had a nice two-step with Steven, during which at times I actually let him lead, instead of trying to backlead. :-)

My reading progress today ended at:

85% done, 15% to go
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