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Useless information, a punny mash-up, a good nap, and a book progress report...

~Tuesday~  The university buses started running for the fall semester, and I rode over to the stop at Avent Ferry and Gorman, first running by Hardees to pick up a breakfast biscuit.

At least two kids on the bus asked the driver where they needed to get off for the McKimmon center, which the bus we were on doesn't stop at. She said to both of them, "I'll tell you when to get off, but you're going to have to walk a little ways."

When we got to the stop by the Varsity Parking Lot, she announced, "This is the stop," and no lie, about 35 of the 40 people on the bus got off. And they were all Indian or Indian-American student, which was interesting. I'm guessing they're freshman and there was some kind of welcome event going on at the McKimmon center for them, as there aren't really in any regular classes that are held in there.

As the long line of people we're exiting, the bus driver was saying the most inane thing to them, none of whom heard the whole thing anyway, because they were leaving the bus as she was speaking. She said: "And next time? Just so you know? The closest stop for the McKimmon Center is the #5 bus." And then she added, "But the #5 bus will never come to where you guys are."

When the five of us who were left on the bus and her approached the library stop, my stop, she announced, "Approachin' the liberry."

Since I wasn't carrying anything this morning, and it's open again now that school is back in session, I went directly to the atrium to get a cup of coffee.

I was humming the song "Ave Maria" and looking down when I came across the shell of a beetle-type bug, and this mash-up immediately popped into my mind:



My boss and I had our weekly staff meeting, which ended with her asking me my perception of how things are going between us.

I appreciated this "check-in," and I took the opportunity to talk about a recent exchange we had about my presenting at an up-coming conference, which ended up in my withdrawing the proposal to present that I had submitted.

It was a good discussion, and I think we both came way better for having had it, which I totally appreciate.

Over lunch time, I ended up in a space with someone with an extremely ample derriere, about which I thought, "She has the kind of ass that should require beeping while backing up."

I was absolutely exhausted all day today, and the first thing I did when I got home was lie down on my bed with The Hunger Games, knowing full well what it was going to lead to.

I woke up at about 10:00, made myself a sandwich, and got right back in the bed, where I read until 1:00. I'm making good progress. I'm definitely going to finish this book in time to return it on its due date, Monday, August 22nd.

Tags: books, bus, puns, work

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