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~Monday~  I had another big ol' bowl of All-Bran Bran Buds cereal for breakfast and brushed my teeth right after eating it, which was gross. Nothing worse than a fiber-toothed tiger.

Packing my lunch to bring into the office, I couldn't find my pill box. Not my pillbox hat; I know where that is—right there in my closet next to the sunglasses. But I digress...

Jackie O in her signature pillbox hat and over-sized frames sunglasses.

I finally remembered that it was in my lunch bag that I had taken to work over the weekend, and upon remembering that, I remembered that I didn't take my Sunday regimen of them. Oh well. That's what happens when you forget to take your Alzheimer's pill.

I stepped out my front door to perfect weather. It was 66°, and I checked the projected high for the day—a welcome 84°.

I was at the city bus stop at 8:18, and it arrived at its mode—8:22.

I had an entry on my calendar today to remind me to start using my new GoPass for the next school year, a notation that's been on my calendar since I received the new card about a month ago.

I think I was as surprised that the new card actually worked today as the bus driver was that I had the new one ready to be used without having to be told. Girl! Have you seen my calendar? I keep up with my stuff.

There were several students on the city bus today, as the university Wolfline buses for this route don't start back up until tomorrow. The bus once again stopped at the new Bristol Creek Apartments, where four people boarded today. I think I heard the driver say they added this stop to the route two weeks ago.

At work, our intern and my friend, Vanessa, shared some Greek ("2 x Protein") yogurt she'd bought for us to try. Thanks, Vanessa!

I chose the Honey Vanilla and she had the Strawberry.

Yoplait Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt

The yogurt I usually eat has either 100 or 110 calories, depending on the flavor, and this one had 150. I think this was a bigger serving though at 6 oz. It had a little bit more of a "bite" to it, which means it's probably healthier. Besides, I clearly need more of the good bacteria.

I had a meeting with my boss's boss today to review that document I worked on all weekend, and he answered some of the questions I had, and confirmed that the remaining ones are appropriate to be answered by our CIO, who commissioned the document from us.

I spent part of my afternoon working on news items for our monthly OIT News publication, and the other part incorporating that feedback from my boss's boss and writing up the email to send to the CIO detailing what I'd done so far and what is still yet to be done.

I got that send off at 5:30, just before heading across the street to the university to attend the orientation for new students entering into the Master of Science in Technical Communication program that I graduated from in 2007.

It was so great to see my friend, Sarah, back from her six-week long Study Abroad stint in London, and we laughed before, during, and after the orientation.

I made a short spiel to the new students about IT services at the university and I handed out a copy of our Computing @ NC State publication. I appreciated that one of the faculty, David Covington, thanked me afterwards for that publication saying that he found it most useful every year.

Sarah has broken her foot, so I accompanied her on her sometimes using a scooter, sometimes using crutches, and sometimes hopping venture over to Mitch's Tavern for the after-event gathering.

I laughed, and she sweated, most of the way, including during her crutch-hop combo up the steep Mitch's staircase. I'm guessing the use of the made up term, "crutch-hop" is a little too close to the dance she was doing when she broke her foot to begin with. Good friends shouldn't let their older, white friends hip-hop dance.

Sarah graciously gave me a ride home so I wouldn't have to mess with the bus at 9:00, and once home, I jumped in my car at met Joe at Flex where it was free pool night and scareyoke hosted by Nikki.

We played a free game of pool, drank cheap drinks (it's $2.25 well night on Monday nights), and later walked over to 313, where we didn't even go in, but talked to Rodney at the door for about three minutes, and stopped by The Borough for one drink, before returning to Flex. A holy trinity.



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