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Must be spoiled meat, better handjobs for the boyfriend, and Johnny being the dullest boy of all...

~Sunday~ I was up at 8:30, but wanted to sleep more, so I reset my alarm for 9:00. I couldn't fall back asleep, though, thinking about the work I had to do today, so I got up and got started with the day.

My "GI issue" is back today, and since I ate that "quite delicious" "near-expiration date" chicken that I "pan-fried the hell out of" yesterday, I can only attribute it to that. I still had some left and it went in the trash.

After a big bowl of Bran Buds for breakfast, a short instant message conversation with Robert, and some Scrabble moves, I showered, and fixed a lunch to take to work.

I did sneak a quick look at this week's PostSecrets, and I found this one funny, mostly for the filename of the image, which was ihopeheneverfindsoutwhyimimproving.jpg.

Overwritten on a 'Shake Weight' ad: I want to give my boyfriend better hand jobs.

I worked from 11:00 until 6:00, when I took a break for dinner, running to Arby's to snag two Jr. Roast Beef sandwiches and a value fries, which I ate back in my office. Not bad for a $3 dinner.

I have felt muscle aches throughout the day, but it's the good kind, gently reminding me of my upper body workout yesterday.

I worked until 11:30, and still didn't get anywhere near done with a project that I'm supposed to have done by tomorrow. Oh well. I did what I could.

When I got home the clock on my microwave, on my coffee maker, and the one by my bed was blinking. Really? The power went out again? Oh yeah, it rained. Refuckingdiculous.

I threw out a bunch of food that's been in my refrigerator for too long. I was extra picky about some of the things, because with this GI issue, which is back on the mend again by the way, I don't want to take any chances.

I made Scrabble moves in four games in which it was my turn, and called it a night.
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