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Falling and Fallen Lady, convenient lunch for whom, The Brewery's a rap, and the clue was crew...

~Wednesday~ I was at the city bus stop at 8;18, and the bus didn't arrive until 8:29. See, that's too big a variation for my taste. Especially when it's hot and humid as f*ck outside.

Here's a little diagram for today's buscapades:

I'm setting behind library man, a lady is sitting to my right and someone else is sitting to her right

Seats 1 and 4 are forward-facing seats, and seats 2 and 3 are aisle-facing seats. The legend is as follows: 1=Library Man, 2=Me, 3=Falling Lady, and 4=Fallen Into Lady

As you can see by our proximity, I was clearly able to nose all into what Library Man was reading, which just happened to be the Tricks of the Tongue article from the recent issue of NC State magazine.

When I took my seat, Fallen Into Lady (4) was already in her seat, and in fact, she'd brought her own seat on board with her. Her wheelchair was strapped into that spot.

At the next stop Falling Lady (3) got on and she took the seat between me and, whom-she-was-about-to-make Fallen Into Lady, because as soon as she sat down the bus driver floored it and she went flying into Fallen Into Lady.

A young kid sitting across from me was listening to music with his earbuds connected to his phone, which was resting on his lap. His right hand was between his legs, moving frantically in a plucking motion, and his left arm was draped over the back of the seat, where the fingers on that hand gingerly tapped air frets.

When the bus passed The Brewery on Hillsborough Street it was razed to the ground. I really only had one connection to The Brewery and I actually wrote a short rap song about it. Here's the recording of it, and here's the text of it. The context of the words in the song are explained in this blog entry.

I met my friend, and ex-grad school professor, Susan, for lunch today at Sadlack's. When the place got a little busier, which required David's attention, we finally got a chance to catch up. I had my usual, the Skillinator X, hold the mustard, add mayo. Yum. Yum. Yum.

I walked over to the Cameron Village post office in the 100-degree heat, only to find it "closed for lunch" from 12:00-1:00. Really? Would any non-government business concern that people potentially frequent while running errands on their lunch hour pick those prime hours to close for their own lunch? I mean, could the post office employees take their lunch from, say, 1:00-2:00, maybe?

I walked back to my office in the still-stifling heat, and I cut through the rose garden where when I stopped and smelled the roses all I got was a whiff of a young lady's Virginia Slim.

I hopped on a Wolfline bus, on which we waited way too long with the doors open in the oppressive heat for the driver, who had gone to god knows where to do god knows what—to go over to the Avent Ferry Technology Center for a 2:00 - 3:30 meeting.

I had laptop issues while taking notes with it in the meeting, and it's time to finally take the plunge and get a new one. I will do that some time this weekend, since it's tax-free weekend in NC.

I stopped at, and ran into, the Village Draft House in Cameron Village, just to say hello to Jen, Sarah M., and Des (and their spouses/friends) who were sampling different kinds of beers in the hopes of finding one truly palatable to Des. I seriously recommended she try Stringbow, but I don't think any of them took me seriously. In retrospect, perhaps it's because the beer is actually called Strongbow.

I proceeded down to Flex, where it was a fun enough night. The crossword puzzle was challenging enough, and there was some out-of-town-trade in the bar.

We got down to one final word in the puzzle that we knew wasn't right, but couldn't figure out why. Now that I see the solution, we had a few letters wrong in the words right around it, that's why:

Puzzle solution, with the correct word, which was staff
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