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Time flies on your Google calendar, baked potatoes growing on trees, and untangling a good deed...

~Tuesday~ I was at the city bus stop at 8:16 and while I waited for the bus I mad a list of a couple of other dates that I want to check on my Google calendar in addition to the one I thought of this morning while shaving:

  • When did I last change my razor blade? (02/04/11)

  • When was my last eye appointment? (01/26/10)

  • When was my last dentist appointment? (02/25/11, and I have a cleaning coming up on 09/01/11)

  • When was my last annual physical? (11/16/10)
The bus arrived at 8:26.

The bus once again stopped at those new apartments on Gorman, but this time it didn't seem to be the case that the driver knew the person getting on. I craned my neck (you know I did) all around to see if there had been a new sign erected designating this as a new stop, but I couldn't find one. What made this even more perplexing today is that two people got off the bus at this stop today, too!

A flier attached to a pole at the Gorman Street and Western Boulevard intersection caught my attention, mostly because right before I saw it, I was checking out a tattoo on one of the legs of the lady sitting in front of me, which looked like a pregnant panda bear.

The flier was about a tattoo fair, and I made a note to check it out later online: InkFest Live 2011 Tour (Wow. It's a three-day event at the State Fairgrounds and it costs $35 for a three-day pass. Interesting.

After exiting the bus, and while walking down Hillsborough Street from the bus stop to my office, I came across this sight, and I thought, "Who knew that baked potatoes grew on trees? And ones all foil-wrapped and ready for the grill at that!"

Some bud of a tree covered in tinfoil

Close up of some bud of a tree covered in tinfoil

I have no idea what that's all about.

I exchanged emails today with Ann, my public-transportation-comrade-in-arms about a "manifesto" entitled in two lines, the first being, "Triangle Transit," and the second being, "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US!!!!" that she found a copy of at the bus shelter on Hillsborough Street the other day and shared with me.

It was a multi-page rant about the working conditions at Triangle Transit, and names several supervisors, with various accusations about each of them, and just goes on and on and on about them and the horrendous working conditions there. My inclination was to forward it on to the media, but Ann talked me out of it.

I had my weekly staff meeting with my manager, which we actually used more like a working team meeting, and most of which we spent talking about survey feedback on one of our publications, Information Please.

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