DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Taking the train to Charlotte...

I got up at around 10:00. I filled out the Bellsouth application to have my phone bill charged to my credit card, and a graduation card and check to Diane Gibbs. I wrote out a card of thanks regarding Tour de Friends to both Robert and Ken.

Robert called at about 11 saying he was on his way, and would be to my place in about a half hour. I ran this items to the post office even though it’s a holiday, as I wanted them to go tomorrow, while I’m in Charlotte. It would be nice if Robert’s card is in his mail when he checks his box on Monday or Tuesday.

As soon as Robert arrived, we had lunch – a disappointing nachos with ground beef and cheese. It was disappointing because I used broken up Food Lion brand taco shells instead of Tostito brand tortillas chips.

After lunch, I used my new hose and car sponge for the first time, and washed my car. Robert came out and did the rising for me. I ended up having to use one of those sponges with the green scrub pad on one side to get the dead bugs and tar spots off. It looked real good when it was done.

While I was packing, Robert mentioned that he wish he’d had another pair of shorts to wear. I got out my containers of old clothes and find a couple of pairs, and several shirts, that no longer fit me, and he tried them on. He decided on a few, and I put them in the wash, as a couple of the shirts had cat hair on them. The load finished right up against the time it was for us to leave.

We drove down to the train station, and I got a little stressed out that we couldn’t find it right away. The train was scheduled to leave at 4:35, and we got there between 4:10 and 4:15, which was a little too close for me. As it turned out, the train was running about a half-hour behind, so we had plenty of time.

I went to check in, and Robert found a parking place. When he came in, I told him about the delay, and we went and sat in the “First Class” lounge to wait. After about 20 minutes, they announced that it would be an additional half-hour before the train arrived. We worked on a crossword puzzle in the lounge.

We got on the train, and went into the business class car. It was pretty nice. Very spacious seating (lots of leg room), and televisions with a movie playing. When we got on, Chicago, the musical, was playing. After that “10 Ways to Leave a Guy” (something like that, came on).

I didn’t watch the movies, but rather, worked on my journal entry for the first day of the Tour de Friends ride. We also did more of the crossword puzzle during the ride. We changed seats three times during this ride. In the first seat, the guy in front of us was on his cell phone continuously. He was also using the intercom function, a la Will, for several of the conversations.

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