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The carpet matches the drapes, kink and Dolly, some abs reduction, and intentions unrealized...

~Friday~  I was ready between city bus and university bus times, and since it was Friday, I decided to take a chance of getting a spot to park near my work.

On Kaplan, when I passed by the city bus sync stop, the bus was stopped there and the driver was off the bus on her cell phone. I quickly parked nearby, and hopped on the bus.

A little girl sitting in front of me had beads in her hair that matched the two bags that her mother had with her.

Girl with beads in her hair matching nearby bags

I'm going to see three films at the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival coming up in a couple of weeks, and I chose two of them today. The third one will be one of the Shorts Series that Robert's going to see, which I'll decide on once I see his choices. Here's what I'm seeing:

Kink Crusaders

This documentary is a loving profile of the International Mr. Leather contest, an annual event that got its start in the back of a Chicago bar over thirty years ago...and which now draws thousands of men from around the world to compete for a title and a sash.

In tracing the history of the contest, Kink Crusaders also reveals the many ways that the Leather community - once a small, insular niche - has expanded into the mainstream.

That one should be particularly interesting, since I attended the International Mr. Leather event this year over the Memorial Day weekend.

Hollywood to Dollywood

This amazing and inspiring documentary follows Gary and Larry Lane, twins from North Carolina, who set out in an RV named Jolene to meet their idol, Dolly Parton!

They left their small town home ten years ago to make it in Hollywood and are finally ready to get their script to Dolly. The boys embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This road trip is also a journey of self-discovery and an attempt to resolve mommy issues that have divided them since childhood.

Featuring 15 of Dolly's classic songs and Chad Allen, Dustin Lance Black, Beth Grant, and Leslie Jordan.

This one will be interesting due to the North Carolina connection, and the fact that I just love Dolly.

I got to the gym at 8:00, and since it closes at 9:00 on Fridays, I immediately started my upper body routine to get that in, figuring I'd do ab work at the end if there was enough time.

There was a grunter in the area where I was working out, and it took everything I had to: 1) ignore him, and 2) not report him. If they had a remote control to set off the lunk alarm in those situations, I'd truly use it.

Workout area indicating where I was in prxomity to the grunter

I finished my upper body routine with about 10 minutes until closing, so I did some ab crunches, but reduced the routine from 15 sets of 20 to 15 sets of 15. I finished at 9:00 on the dot.

I had intentions all along tonight to go out, and at 10:00 just before jumping in the shower, even as I was doing it and saying, "This is not a good idea..." I lay down.

And that was that. A Friday night in.
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