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A not hot ear cigarette, a memorable bug, Laziz Biryani Corner, and a weepy Glee episode...

~Tuesday~  I drove to the Wolfline #9 Greek Village stop at Avent Ferry and Gorman, where I had a very short wait for the bus.

At the next stop, the one with the infamous sign that's now correct, a man was handing a pamphlet to an Asian girl who was waiting for the bus. 

I was surprised to see that she started, and continued, reading it once she took a seat. I wondered if it wasn't an updated communique about the end of the world having moved to October, since it didn't come to pass on May 271st. If it was, the girl didn't seem at all alarmed.

The guy sitting across from me had a cigarette stored on his left ear, which looked way more stupid than cool. Not hot, in the very least.

My boss was back today, and we had our traditional 9:00-10:00 weekly status meeting, which we spent a good deal of hearing about her Vegas vacation, which I'd asked about.

We also spent a few minutes killing one of these things scurrying across the conference room wall, which instantly reminded of my friend Kurt's series of recent Facebook status updates:

House centipied: Just saw one of these in my room and now I can't sleep. I am so grossed out. I couldn't catch it or squash it before it ran under my bed. I'll never sleep now.

I'd sleep better knowing John Wayne Gacy was under my bed.

Just calmed down enough after 2 hours of standing in the middle of the room to lay on the sofa and try to sleep. I will never sleep in my room again until that bug is dead. I've left all the lights on too.

Okay, so I totally killed that big creepy bug thing in my room, or at least one of them. I hope that was the only one cause sleeping on the sofa last night left much to be desired.

You can see the Kurt was terrorized for over 6.5 hours.

I met with our CIO from 11:00-11:30 on a communication task he wants me to do for him, and we were both very prepared for the meeting, which made it go quickly and smoothly. Yay for that. Now to just get the work done.

From "the big house" (the CIO works in the same building as all of the university head muckety-mucks, including the chancellor) I caught the Wolfline #9 bus up to the Avent Ferry and Gorman intersection, and walked across the intersection to the shopping center to meet my colleague, Libby, and my retired manager, Jude, for lunch at the newly relocated Laziz Biryani Corner.

As I always did at their Hillsborough Street location, I had their chicken kabob, which I absolutely love. Libby gave me some of her rice, and Jude gave me some of her chicken. I rode back to work with Libby in her Mini.

I had some professional affirmations in the afternoon with one colleague pinging me about a grammar/writing question, and two other colleagues pinging me about how to do something in our content management system.

At home I made up a dozen bruschetta and took them to Jen's for dinner while we watched the final two Glee episodes of Season Two. She'd made spaghetti, so we had that, too, and I washed it all down with a bourbon and diet.

We each used our share of tissues—which Jen always thoughtfully makes available at the beginning of the night—during the Funeral episode, and I was surprised at the outcome of the final episode of the season, New York.

When we were done with Glee, I followed Jen over to the pet store at Crossroads, where Jen's dog, Nala, was getting groomed, and I got to see her finishing up—still shaking a little, and definitely ecstatic to see Jen. Adorable.

At some point during the day, I had some grand notion that I might stop by the gym after Glee, as it's on the way home from Jen's, but that didn't happen.

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