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A remarkably uneventful bus, not-so-smart Smart Mix, customer non-service, & locker room TV rhetoric

~Monday~ I parked between the city bus stop on Kaplan and the Wolfline bus on Gorman in order to be able to catch either home in the afternoon. The ride in was remarkably uneventful, which is different than just plain unremarkable or just plain uneventful.

I expected my boss back in this morning, as she was on vacation all last week, but I guess I don't remember her telling me she wouldn't be back until tomorrow, which is fine. I just went with it.

I pulled together my weekly status report for last week, and for the week before that, since I hadn't done that one because she wasn't here last Monday to do anything with it.

I purposely made my lunch sandwich with no mayonnaise, because on Friday when I had two Arby's Jr. Roast Beef sandwiches for lunch, I took a couple of extra packets of their Horsey Sauce, which I love in spite of its stupid name.

I slathered that on, and opening my 20-pack of "Smart Mix" to choose one, I was surprised to find a quality control issue, albeit not a major one, unless of course you don't particularly like Doritos and absolutely love Sun chips.

This 20-pack is supposed to consist of bags of this variety and mix: 4 Baked Ruffles, 4 Rold Gold Tiny Twist Pretzels, 4 Baked Cheetos, 4 Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, and 4 Nacho Cheese Baked Doritos, but this one had 6 Doritos, and only 3 Sun Chips in it.

That's three issues: 1) Too many Doritos, 2) Not enough Sun Chips, and 3) 21 bags total instead of 20. Heavens to Mergatroid! Say it isn't so!

After picking up the shattered pieces of my life, I moved on.

I was a huge Joan Rivers fan in her earlier career, but I think she's gone downhill over the years—specifically due to her venture on QVC, and a little too much attitude of, "I'll say whatever the hell I want to, however the hell I want to, because I've earned it in longevity, both in years old and years in entertainment." A little too much entitlement for my taste.

With that said, I do follow her on Twitter and every once in a while she still comes out with a real zinger. I really liked this one about the gay marriages going on in NYC yesterday:

Today, thousands of gay men in NYC will say, 'I do!', and for once the question isn't, 'Do you worship Liza Minnelli?'

Another thing that made me laugh today was this comic frame, particularly juxtaposed to a recent NPR article I read entitled, "Massive Heat Wave Could Cause Corn Prices To Pop":

An ear of corn indoors, asking one walking in whose kernels have all 'popped' into popcorn on its ear, 'Hot outside?'

Something that didn't make me laugh today was this response from the Lean Cuisine Reward program support team about my complaint about the font they use to print the codes inside their boxes that you have to enter on a web page on the Internet:


Thank you for contacting us regarding the Delicious Rewards from Lean Cuisine.

We have noticed that there are some letters that might be indicating that the code is invalid. We ask that if you have a K you try H, or if you see an O, please try a capital D. If your code includes dashes, please input all dashes.

Please note that there are no O's, but there are zero's in the code.

Should you need any additional clarification, or have any other questions regarding this promotion, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Delicious Rewards Customer Service

to which I replied:

While this is helpful, and I appreciate the information: 1) You really should put it in the how-it-works section of your rewards website, and 2) I still don't understand why you don't change the font so we don't have to do all this guess work and/or remember to check this if that and that if this.

We're your best customers, right? Why not use the font you use in your "how-it-works" page: http://deliciousrewards.leancuisine.com/how-it-works-side-graphic.jpg

John Martin

At the gym tonight, I only did cardio work—40 minutes on the elliptical machine.

I laughed tonight thinking about the "TV rhetoric of the men's locker room." Out in the gym there are of course 10 or 12 TVs and they're all on different channels, as they should be to suit a variety of taste in programming.

However, in the locker room, there is only one TV, and it's always tuned into a sports channel.

I got to the gym late tonight, so when I got back it was well into the night, and I just stayed in.
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