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3 secrets pique my interest, tending to Joe's plants and fish, a late workout, and a night in...

~Sunday~ I woke up at 10:13 this morning, and settled in for my Sunday morning routine.

After frying two eggs over easy, and toasting a sandwich round to have with it, I settled in at my laptop with a cup of coffee, but instead of listening to country gospel music, I listened to my two Amy Winehouse CDs in honor of her memory.

And of course, I perused this week's PostSecrets, of which three actually spoke to me today:

I finally deleted my blog today so I could could finally move on with my life

For obvious reasons, this one piqued my interest—by mostly wondering what kind of blog could keep you from moving on with your life. Certainly not any kind I would write.

The sex during our divorce was better than when we were married.

This made me smile because some of the hottest sex I ever had with my wife was after I came out to her. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm."

I truly believe that ALL of my problems would be solved if food didn't have calories.

This one struck me, just because of my constant—and lifelong—battle with my weight. But what was hysterical about it to me, was that when I went to download it to put a copy in my blog space to include here, the filename of the image was: iwouldbanganyscientistwhoinventscaloriefreebrownies.jpg. Love it!

Mid-afternoon, I stopped by Joe's place to water his plants and feed his fish. I was happy that he'd told me there were ten plants, so I had no doubt that I hadn't missed any when I was done.

I'm afraid that only one of his two fish got any of the food I sprinkled on top of the water as s/he kept pushing the other one out of the way as s/he made her way up to get some. I'm not worried about either surviving, though, as what I was giving them was just a "treat," since they have a "vacation feeder" that they've been eating from, and will continue to eat from, until Joe returns.

He'd left two tomatoes on his sink for me, and I grabbed them both on my way out. More bruschetta.

I ran over to Walmart, where I haven't shopped in at least two years, and I only did this time because: 1) It was near Joe's and I rarely get out that way, and 2) I had a $5 gift card (a Christmas gift from a work colleague) to use.

With it, I bought three bottles of hair gel at $2.84 each before tax. I had to add $4.10 to the gift card to complete the purchase.

I got to the gym late today, at 6:10. They close at 7:00 on Sundays. I did my upper body routine first, which generally takes 40 minutes, and it did. I increased the weights on two of the eight machines I do as part of my upper body routine. I hope it didn't strain anything.

I had ten minutes to do my ab crunches and at two-thirds the way through (10 sets of 20 reps each), I knew I wasn't going to have time to do 20 each of the remaining 5 sets, so I reduced them to 15 reps each, for a grand total of 275 crunches, instead of the 300 I usually try to do.

In the middle of that last set, one of the workers was walking around aiming the remote at the TVs, popping them off one after the other.

I stepped into the Harris Teeter grocery store next door, where I was just going to get some Diet Coke, but it turned into much more than that, so instead of going to work from there as I had planned, I just stopped by my work to put a 12-pack of soda and a bag of "smart snacks" in my office to avoid having to carry them on the bus tomorrow.

At home, I did a load of laundry, chatted with Robert online, played some Scrabble games, and retired early, reading a little bit of Outliers before lights out.
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