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Saved by a colleague, more unsolicited feedback, another fraud check, & a holy trinity bar night...

~Friday~  I drove to work this morning, where with no all-day free parking available, I took a two-hour spot and set my alarm for 10:35 to move my car.

My work afternoon was much more productive than my morning, but hey, that's all in a day's work.

A colleague and friend, David Ladrie, dropped by my office and said to me, "You owe me for that rescue yesterday."

I cocked my head, "Huh?"

"That lady. I rescued you from her."

I could not remember a time that we were together yesterday, and seeing that I wasn't figuring it out, he said, "That lady in the middle of the street."

"Ooooh! Was that you turning onto Vanderbilt that she went to after I told her I couldn't help her?"

And indeed it was. We compared her list of woes, and she was definitely consistent if nothing else.

At 10:30, I was actually going to move my car to a campus parking deck and use one of my parking passes, but just for the heck of it I drove by the all-day free spots, and there was one available. Sweet.

I called the Island House today, where they credited to my Visa card those deposits I made on Wednesday, and then charged them to my Ameriprise Mastercard. Yay for points. However, as soon as I hung up my phone rang, and it was the Ameriprise Fraud Department making sure I had authorized those charges. Grrrrrr! Alright already.

I gave some feedback— let me put a look of:


on your face—to the Lean Cuisine Rewards program today about:

13-character lean cuisine code

sending them this email:

Is that really the only font you can use to print the codes inside the boxes? It's impossible to tell the difference between a 6 and a G, the difference between an O and a D, the N often looks like a W—and those are just the ones I see in my current code.

It's too time-consuming and frustrating guessing what's what. There must be a better font to print those with.


And the font is really only one of its issues. Additional ones being these:

  1. The font is way too light (which is why the picture is so bad)

  2. You essentially have to rip or tear the box to get to it (why not put it on one of the inside flaps)

  3. You don't know that it's not case sensitive (you only learn that by clicking on help at their website)

  4. You don't know if you should include the dashes in it when entering the code at the website

I mean, hello, you're rewarding your best customers. Why make it a hassle for them? It should be more like the (false advertising, if you ask me) image they have on their website:

Sample code example in and easy-to-read font

I have my thermostat set to keep the air-conditioning from coming on until it reaches 85° in my house, which it rarely does, and to switch that to 70° at 4:00, so that it's cool by the time I get home.

Well, with today's temperature reaching 103° outside, needless to say it got quite warm in my house. That, together with the fact that I got home on the early side, the air-conditioning was running, but it was still 77° in the house.

I used that as extra incentive to not procrastinate my trip to the gym, figuring it would be back down to 70° by the time I got home.

As is usually the case, the gym was not crowded late Friday afternoon, for which I was grateful. I skipped the crunches today, and went right to work on cardio, doing 40 minutes on the elliptical machine.

I arrived at The Borough at a little after 10:00, where I met a guy named Ben who has recently moved here from New York and is now living in Garner. We had a couple of drinks, and as he mentioned that he was heading over to 313, and I wanted to stop by there tonight to wish Mary K. Mart a Happy Birthday, we walked over together.

It was pretty dead in there, and after a drink, I asked him if he wanted to go over to Legends to see the midnight show, noting that he could get in free as my guest.

We did that, and the show was good as usual, and I was especially pleased to see Jasmine Aadams perform, whom I think is so entertaining that she's the only drag queen I've ever given a twenty-dollar tip to. That was a special occasion, though. Tonight she got the standard one-dollar tip.
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