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A hot bus in the afternoon, a time-consuming task at work, and two Glee episodes with Jen...

~Tuesday~  I drove into work this morning and parked in a two-hour free parking spot behind my work. After two hours, I ran home, where I grabbed two return address labels to put on two pieces of mail, and I dropped them off at the Avent Ferry post office, just in time to hand them to the mail guy who was emptying the contents of the drive-by mailboxes.

I drove over to the Wolfline #9 Greek Village stop on Gorman, near Avent Ferry, and I waited for a few minutes in my car until the GPS noted that the bus was close enough to minimize my wait at the stop in 100-degree weather.

I spent a good portion of my work day on a document for our CIO, which is going to be used to get the university some type of grant or other public funding.

The task took way longer than I anticipated it would, as there were several—albeit not easy to find—sources of data to help devise the content, but most of them turned out to either not have the "view" of the data I needed, or it had a data point that conflicted with its value in one of the other sources. Frustrating.

In the afternoon, two people who support our computers spent about an hour in my office trying to get my desktop workstation to print over IP to a nearby printer, which is on a print server, but which was down at the time.

Thanks again to GPS, I was able to cross the street and get right on the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus just as it pulled up, and which left a minute or two afterwards.

As we approached the Avent Ferry and Gorman street intersection where I had parked my car at lunchtime, the traffic came to a screeching halt, and within about three minutes, four—count 'em four—full-sized fire engines passed us screaming with urgency, and turning right at the intersection just ahead.

Turns out about a dozen units of the apartments right on that corner were seriously ablaze. Shortly after the fire trucks, the EMT trucks began arriving.

Apartments ablaze

Charred remains of one group of apartments

I ended up having to get off the bus while on Avent Ferry, as traffic was not being allowed to turn right onto Gorman, which is the way bus usually goes, and where my car was.

Fortunately my car was far enough up Gorman that I could get to it and drive away without issue. I ran by Kentucky Fried Chicken on Western Boulevard, where through the drive-through I purchased a large side of their coleslaw.

At home, I made up three containers of that mac and cheese that I took from Trailer Park Prize Night on Thursday, and I took that together with the coleslaw and two of those grilled black peppercorn-marinated chicken breasts from last night, over to Jen's for dinner while we watched Glee.

We watched the Rumours and Prom Queen episodes of Glee with minimal tears this evening. In my haste to leave my house making sure I had everything for dinner, I totally forgot to bring my bourbon and Diet Coke with me, but being the thoughtful hostess that she is, Jen offered me some of her Crown Royal—on the rocks. It went down surprisingly easily.

We have just two episodes left now to finish season two, and while waiting for season three to start up in the fall, Jen has suggested that we watch a few of her movies together. I picked out four or five from her collection, and once we finish Glee, I'd like to start with Stranger Than Fiction.

Thanks, Jen!

I had big—albeit I knew unrealistic—plans to stop at the gym on the way back from Jen's since it's "on the way." That didn't happen.
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