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A drink from the bubbler and a lake walk, a Two Guys Groupon, & Mrs. Chason passes...

~Saturday~  I slept in and enjoyed a leisurely morning.

In the early afternoon, I got a wild hair and actually swept and mopped my kitchen and downstairs bathroom floors. And I enjoyed the clean smell of Pine Sol® all day.

Robert arrived at about 3:00, and we went for a walk around the lake for some exercise, and since the weather was nice again today. It's kind of funny, it was 87°, which I'd be more inclined to describe as warm or hot, but with the temperature having been close to 100° for a few days this past week, 87° feels pretty good.

We swung by the boathouse as Robert wanted to get a drink out of the "bubbler" before we started walking, and while he did that, I looped around the tiny parking lot there, which rarely has a spot, and actually got one.

We did the loop "backwards" and one of the first sights we saw was this. Do you know what it is?

Power lines with fishing lines and sinkers wrapped around them from some very bad casting from the nearby pier

This picture is dark, but it shows you the proximity of those power lines to the pier, which may give a clue as to what all that stuff on the wires is if you haven't guessed.

How far the power lines are from the pier

If you still haven't figured it out, hover over that first picture.

After a quick change of clothes at home, we went to Two Guys Amer-Italian on Hillsborough Street, where we used my fourth and final Groupon, which expires this coming Thursday.

We split a huge house salad—billed to serve two, but could easily have served three or even four—a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza and a pepperoni Stromboli.

Robert had two pieces of pizza, I had three, and we took home the rest of the pizza and the entire Stromboli, which we hadn't even cut into.

At home, we had a Butter Pecan Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert.

I called Donna, my ex-wife, to wish her a Happy Birthday. She was visting her parents, so I got a chance to pass on my regards to them, too. Her and Rob (her partner) have bought a new house, but they haven't sold their other one, and don't intend to sell it for probably a year. I had to laugh when she referred to their move as downsizing. I think it's safe to say that most people would not consider buying a 3000 square foot house—especially when you haven't sold your 5,000 square foot house—downsizing.

I took a nap from 7:00 until 9:00, and then met Joe at Flex at just after 10:00. It was "Beer Belly Bash" night for Eunyce Raye's birthday, where you could give your shirt to Eunyce in exchange for a free beer, which many people did, and many who shouldn't have.

A lot of peeps we know were out, including the kid Sam from Chapel Hill that we met a couple of weeks ago, Alex, (Trader Joe) Bill, Bob, Phil, Joe, Patrick, Bill, and Carl.

When Bill and Carl walked toward me to say hello, Bill was in front, then Carl, and then there was a very short guy behind Carl, who looked extra short, because Carl is so tall. I said to Bill, "Who's that short little man following you guys around?" to which he just cracked up and couldn't stop laughing for some reason. Turned out it was a "friend" of theirs—someone they had met "online."

The evening ended on a down note, at around 1:00 I think, as Joe's sister was in touch to tell him that their mother had passed away. R.I.P., Mrs. Chason. Condolences, my friend.
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