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Burning flesh, unsolicited survey feedback, born the Glee way, and my name written all over it...

~Sunday~  I slept in and had a pretty lazy day.

I peeled the bread off my lunch sandwich that I made at work yesterday, but didn't eat, and which had become soggy, and I stuck it in my toaster oven on broil to "stiffen" it back up some. When I reached in the oven to rotate it a little bit, my index finger on my left hand fried against the top 600° element:

Burn mark on my finger

It looked worse at first, with little white flakes around the edge and with that distinct—very nasty—odor of burned flesh.

I took a survey for JD Powers today, which was specifically about the last prescription that I had filled. There were a few things that annoyed me about the survey, so at the end of it, I—as I'm wont to do—gave them feedback:

  1. You said that this was a 15-minute survey, but it took me well over 15 minutes to complete. I think using the word "Quick" in the description of this survey is misleading.

  2. When you asked if I received information about my prescription from the pharmacist, I would have liked to have responded, "Was offered by the pharmacist, but I declined it," as that's what happened, but there was no way to indicate that with the choices of responses I had to choose from.

  3. When you asked how useful the printed information was about my prescription, I would have liked to have responded, "It was very helpful the first time I filled the prescription, but now I just ignore it, so it's not helpful at all," but there was no way to indicate that with the choices of responses I had to choose from.

  4. In the question where you ask me to rate the "non-pharmacist staff," there is no way to indicate that there was no non-pharmacist staff. The only employee working in the pharmacy when I went was the pharmacist, but there was no way to indicate that with the choices of responses I had to choose from.

  5. The same with the subsequent question, "Did pharmacy staff ask you if you wanted to speak to the pharmacist." The person who helped me didn't ask me if I wanted to speak to the pharmacist, because he was the pharmacist, but there was no way to indicate that with the choices of responses I had to choose from. I could only answer yes or no, and answered no, but that makes it sound like a non-pharmacist staff person did not ask me if I wanted to speak to a pharmacist, which is not what happened.

  6. In the responses to the question toward the end asking about my relationship status, "Are you... single (never married), married, divorced/separated," and so on, my situation is not reflected, which is, "In a domestic partnership, but not living together." So, since I was married once, I checked divorced, but I don't think that accurately reflects my demographic. Please consider expanding your options or providing an "Other" box in which to explain one's accurate relationship status when it might not fit into the narrow paradigm you use to describe relationships.

I arrived at Jen's house at 7:00, where she graciously provided a most delicious pizza for dinner, which we chowed down on while watching Glee. We watched the A Night of Neglect episode and the Born This Way episode.

I was about to give up on Glee, but have to say I'm pretty much back into it now. I really liked the final scene of Born This Way, when all the Glee club kids wore t-shirts with something on them that indicated something that in some cases they didn't like about themselves, but in all cases made them feel different from most of their peers. Of course, Kurt's said: "LIKES BOYS"

It made me think of what I'd put on such a t-shirt of mine, and I settled on, "Documents His Life," which not incoincidently is my "Three Word Mantra" devised for one of our Salon agenda items.

From Jen's place, I drove to the airport to pick up Robert on his return trip from the midwest. I got there just a few minutes early, and I parked in the Sheetz parking lot and went inside to be a "customer," so as not to abuse their "customer only parking" edict. I bought a bag of Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Soft & Chewy Gourmet Black Liquorice.

I dropped him off at his house, and before getting out he gave me the sweetest and neatest gift ever, particularly because we are avid Scrabble players, always playing a game on Facebook.

good letters

I particularly like the title of the piece, and the fact that, assuming that bottom middle letter is an "O," the letters of my name are the centerpiece, which is one of the things that attracted Robert to it in the first place.

"It had your name written all over it," he said. Thank you, my sweet!

Back at home, I got to bed at a reasonable hour.
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