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An eating kinda day, a lost and found credit card, 1000% humidity, and girls night out drag show...

~Friday~  Looking in my wallet this morning, I noticed that my credit card was missing. I checked two other places in the house that it could possibly be—to no avail.

I quickly reviewed yesterday's activity, remembering that the last time I used it was last night at the grocery store, and I made a mental note to call there once I got to work.

I packed my reusable grocery store bag with food to take to work, containing:

  1. one package of King's Hawaiian Rolls
  2. twelve Jimmy Dean sausage patties, which I thawed before packing
  3. a container of cut-up cantaloupe
  4. a box of Snackwell's Fudge-Drizzled Popcorn
  5. a hard-boiled egg
  6. my lunch sandwich of a flat bread round, oven-roasted turkey, bread and butter pickles, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise

On the way to the city bus stop, I looked on the sidewalk between my front door, and then inside me car, for my credit card, just in case—again to no avail.

I was at the bus stop at 8:17, where it was humid as absolute f*ck, and although the temperature was only 78° ("feels like 81°"), the humidity was at 88%.

When the bus arrived, I was more thankful than ever that Hot Mess Driver was not at the helm. The "cool" Enforcer had the A/C going full tilt, which is exactly what people needed after waiting in the damp outdoors.

A plus-sized girl who got on at a subsequent stop, pulled the blouse away from her huge breasts and blew on sweat spots that had leaked through, trying to dry them. Several minutes later, she asked a guy sitting nearby to close the clasp on her bracelet. It seemed rather an intimate act to me, and I wondered what he was thinking while he was doing it.

For the first time ever on the bus, someone in the back of the bus read a bible out loud, presumably to the people around him. While I didn't love it, I did appreciate the fact that he was a good reader.

At work, after cooking the turkey sausage patties, putting them on the rolls, and putting them out on the table in the common area near the little breakfast quiches and chocolate chip cookies my boss had made, I called over to the grocery store that I hoped had my credit card. Then I posted this update on Facebook:

Today I'm thankful that my credit card is safe in the safe at the grocery store where I left it last night.

Shortly after that, I grabbed some coffee at a nearby coffee shop with Jason and Jen, where we sat out front for a few minutes until a trash truck pulled up stealing and giving odor.

At a couple of minutes before the final space launch, Jason came around and invited folks to come watch it in the huge-screen receiver they have in his and Garrison's office, and I was glad to watch history in the making. It's amazing how awesome it still is to watch, even after all these years.

I joined Jen, Vanessa, and Jason for lunch at Pei Wei's, where I had their Mongolian Beef (of which I took half to go), and we had fun conversation on the ride there, during lunch, and on the way back.

Needless to say, it's been an "eating-kinda-day," and it's going to continue this evening, unfortunately.

The humidity was still off the charts waiting for the bus home, and when the bus came it was so cold on it that even I was cold. I posted this Facebook update about it:

If the steamed up windows on the bus aren't enough of a clue as to how cold it is on this bus, the golf ball-sized goosebumps on the lady's arm across from me surely are. #DontCallMeShirley

I desperately wanted to go to the gym before going out tonight, but it didn't happen. Instead I got an hour nap in. A nap, the next best thing to working out.

I met Jen and Des, and Des' friend Lilly at Natty Greene's in Glenwood South, where Jen and I sort of split a salad and their loaded fries, although I ate more of the fries and Jen ate more of the salad.

Sarah McKone joined us at close to 9:30, and the five of us walked over to the 10:00 drag show at Legends. On the way over, I warned all of them that the emcee is going to ask, "Are there any straight people here tonight," and then most likely, "Who's here for the first time," and if they screamed out in answer to either of those questions, they'd probably be singled out with follow-up questions. I didn't tell them not to, I just made them aware of how it would probably play out if they did.

As I suspected it would be, since it was the "early" show (one at 10PM, one at midnight, and one at 1AM), there were not very many people there at all, and when the emcee asked, "Are there any straight people here tonight," no one said anything. I looked down the row of my friends who were all stifling a laugh.

"No? None?" the emcee asked incredulously.

"Okay, who's here for the first time?" Crickets again.

Then she started, "Okay, y'all," and looking over at the girls in our party, "None of y'all are straight? And all of you have been here before?" And then she started picking on Jen. Busted. It was pretty funny. Wasn't it, Jen? :-D

The show was pretty good, with Dana St. James, Kirby Kolby, Luscious, and Ebony Summers (emceeing) all doing a variety of kinds of songs.

I walked the girls back to the parking deck near Natty Greene's, and then seeing that Flex was dead, I walked over to The Borough, where I had a couple of drinks. Curtis Major was out, and I bought him a belated birthday drink, and we chatted for a little while.

After that, since it was about two minutes to midnight, and I could get back in Legends free, I went back to check out the midnight show.

OMG. The difference was like night and day. It was packed in there, and although it was the same drag queens performing, the energy was about ten times higher and the songs were way more upbeat, including Pink's Raise Your Glass and Rihanna's S&M.

The girls will have to go again some time to the midnight show.
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