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They might not love me back, 'sharing my feelings' in a BLOG, and not a great night out...

~Sunday~  I slept in this morning and had a lazy day in general. Here's to a long holiday weekend.

I was back to my regular breakfast sandwich today, which I of course enjoyed with coffee, while perusing this week's PostSecret entries. I went to download the following secret to put here and comment, "I don't really get the 'why' of this, but I find it intriguing":

Since coming out, I have not been able to say, 'I love you' to my parents.

However, when I hit the "Save as..." button, the name of the file it was saving the image as was: onback.theymaynotsayitback.jpg.

I had a most delicious leftover hamburger for lunch, and although I wanted to eat one of the hot dogs with it, I forced myself to wait until mid-afternoon, when I was sure to want a snack.

I got to the gym within an hour of its closing (which was at 7:00 today), and I skipped the ab crunches and got right to the cardio, as I wanted to do a 40-minute workout instead of 30, and it was already 6:00 when I started.

I didn't feel at all tired today, so as I was approaching the 40-minute mark, I upped the time on the machine to 45 minutes, but for some reason the machine didn't take it and stopped abruptly at the 40-minute mark, even though the timer part showed 5 minutes to go. Oh well. I didn't argue with it.

Joe pointed out this Craigslist M4M posting by a guy who obviously only wants casual, NSA sex, whose last sentence just slayed me:

Guy wanting no-strings-attached sex only ends his posting saying, 'If I wanted to share my feelings, I owuld start a BLOG.'

I met Joe and Glenn out at Flex, arriving at just a little after 10:00. Bob arrived a little while after that.

Oh boy. There were several very, very drunk people there tonight, and over the course of the evening, my mouth got attacked with a tongue, my crotch got groped, and my drink cup (although empty, fortunately) got knocked out of my hand. Not a fun time.

Later in the evening, I had to bow out of venturing over to Legends, and I let freedom ring my ass home.
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