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~Wednesday~  I checked the online GPS location of the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus, and although it was doubtful I would make it to the stop in time, I tried anyway. As I was parking, the bus pulled up about 200 feet away.

I walked to the nearest city bus stop, which was pretty close by, where I watched the next Wolfline bus on the GPS until it was close enough that even if the city bus came imminently, I'd arrive at work at about the same time, so I walked back to the Wolfline stop, where that sign indicating it's also a CAT 12 stop still hasn't been corrected.

As if to toy with me about my musing on Facebook yesterday, three people on the bus—two of them sitting directly across from me—had their sunglasses up in their hair. I guess they forgot they were still on their head while sleeping, because they'd forgotten they were there after the sun went down yesterday. So many things to remember.

Okay, I'm done beating that dead horse.

I've been meaning to capture these recent affirmations:

  1. From my sister regarding the birthday card I sent to Smokey:

    I LOVE my brother who thinks to send a card to my cat for his birthday because he knows how much we love that big ball of fur--what a wonderful, caring soul you are John Martin!

  2. From my friend, Melinda, whom I met on a Key West trip a couple of years ago in response to a comment I made to her after reading yet another thing that she posted that resonated with me:

    It warms my heart to read these words [about how connected I feel to her even though we've actually only spent very little time together] because I feel exactly the same way. Thank you for putting my feelings into words! xoxo mel

  3. From my friend Jenni, who evidently found—at least the title of—one of my blog entries entertaining:

    hahahahahahahah. I need a while afternoon of talking to you. Just for pure entertainment. Love you!

I had a no-meeting work day today. Yay for that.

I tried to catch the Wolfline #9 bus home, but I missed it, so I walked over to the city bus stop, since it would arrive before the next Wolfline one. The Durham Express arrived shortly after I did, and fortunately for at least two riders, it was a little ahead of schedule and had to wait to "sync up" to its schedule, or they would have missed it.

When the CAT #12 Method bus arrived, I took a seat on it in front of two guys sitting together.

All indications, which basically means everything I overheard (and you know I was listening) indicated that both of these guys were straight, which is why I found this part of their conversation so interesting:

Guy #1: Wow, your parents must have had you late in life.

Guy #2: Yeah, they did. I have two older siblings.

Guy #1: They must be way older than you.

Guy #2: Yeah, about ten years. Why, how old do you think I am, anyway?

Guy #1: About 32.

Guy #2: I'm 35, so close.

Guy #1: Well, I knew you weren't 40. You're too good-looking to be 40.

Guy #2: Well, thanks man.

I guess that means I stopped being good-looking 13 years ago, assuming I even was before that. At least it was possible that I was back then.

In other buscapades, in the handicap and senior seats, sat a lady with dark sunglasses on, holding a white red-tipped cane and wearing earbuds, and I wondered how she was going to know when the bus was at her stop.

I tried desperately to get home in time to make it to the Avent Ferry post office for their 5:00 mail pick-up, as I wanted a birthday card to arrive somewhere tomorrow.

Running off the bus, into my house, I addressed the card, hopped in my car at 4:57 and drove like a bat out of hell to the post office, looking for mail trucks along the way.

As I neared Avent Ferry Road, I saw a truck, so I knew if I drove back around the post office where they all park at the end of the day and take their last load of mail in, I could probably catch him. It was about 5:02, and since there wasn't a postal worker emptying the boxes, I couldn't tell if its final, 5:00, pick-up had already been done.

There were two people standing next to the mailboxes, one in a car and the other one standing beside the car talking to the person in the car. They both had on some kind of possibly governmental-looking uniforms, so I pulled up beside them and asked, "Are you postal people by chance?" indicating their uniforms.

At precisely the time they began shaking their heads no, I discerned the Division of Motor Vehicles badge on the arms of their shirts.

I drove around back, and did indeed catch a postman getting out of his truck, and I beseeched him to take my card. "Thank you, my friend," I said when he succumbed.

Dancing was fun enough tonight, in spite of their being only one or two other people in the bar all night who weren't dancers. Dead.

I had completely forgotten that I had told Swin that I would meet him there at 8:00 tonight to go over a few dances that he might remember from his past. I felt terrible when he reminded me about it upon my arrival. I'm going to extend the offer again next week, and put it on my Google calendar this time.

The Indy crossword puzzle was quite challenging tonight, which is a nice way of saying that in spite of about eight to ten people working on it over the course of the evening, it didn't get completed.



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