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Pre-Father's Day secrets, food-centered gathering eating strategies, a cat-lover, and Adele...

~Sunday~ I slept in again this morning, and my first glance at this week's PostSecrets startled me as I didn't read the title and since they were all about fathers, I panicked, "I thought Father's Day was next Sunday!"

It may be shallow, but it's honest. Of this week's collection, this one resonated the most with me:

Whenever I see a hot dad with a baby, I really want to screw him.

See the rest of them here.

As expected my arms hurt today after yesterday's upper body workout at weights heavier than they should have been. I think the best description of what it feels like might be strained ligaments.

With that said, I got right back on the horse (so-to-speak) getting to the gym at 1:30, but not doing strength exercises today.

I did 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine, forcing myself to do that extra 10 minutes, as I knew I was going to overeat later in the day. I also had a healthy breakfast as evidenced by this earlier-in-the-day Facebook status update:

Plate with sliced up banana and cantaloupe on it with a caption of 'Ah, breakfast!'

which turned out to be one of those surprising postings that generate way more discussion than you would've ever anticipated:

I arrived at Sharon and Joe's place for our combined Mostly Social Book Club gathering for June, which was actually Sharon's son Nicholas' graduation party. Suzanne, Janet, and of course Sharon and myself were there. Mary was in New York visiting family.

Suzanne and Sharon are still reading The Color Purple, so we'll hopefully discuss that at July's meeting, which by the end of the party was up for renegotiation in terms of our meeting day, as Suzanne now has a conflict with our scheduled date. I committed to initiating the schedule change.

I did overeat as anticipated, but not as much as I could have. It was a "pig pickin'"—a real one, with the pig, catered by Ole Time Barbecue, on a barbecue pit out in the driveway.

OMG. I finally watched this video, which I've seen all over Facebook, but was afraid was a virus, but I saw it on YouTube.com, so watched it from there. She really does love cats. Bless her heart. 

And, yes, I know this is fake, in terms of it not being a real eHarmony ad of her. Still hilarious.

After that, at home, I tried to login to EDUCAUSE to work on the Core Data Survey for work, but I didn't have my password, as it is evidently saved as a cookie on my work machine. I decided to get to bed early tonight and get in early to get started on it first thing before getting interrupted.

I met Joe at Caribou Coffee at Olde Raleigh Village at 8:00, where we planned two trips—one local and one out of town. We're going to Wilmington next weekend, and I am (probably) going to fly out to Chicago in July when he's going to be there for two weeks on business. I'll fly out for the weekend, which will amount to a free place to stay. He also spent some time looking for a play that we might attend while I'm there.

At home, just after 10:00, I devised Saturday's and Sunday's blog entries, and then I hit the sack.

I'll close this entry with a video of Adele, whom I've heard a lot about, but whose music—until now—I hadn't heard. Thanks to my friend Joe for pointing me to it. There's a reason it's had over 72 million hits. Impressive and most delightful.

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