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A stripper-in-law, measuring cups magically emerge, and Hugh spends his day getting a year older...

~Sunday~  I liked this particular postcard from this week's PostSecret collection as much for what it said as for what was written in response to it.

My family doesn't know I met my fiance while working as a stripperMy brother recently married a stripper.

Although she's functionally illiterate, probably severely psychologically damaged, and holds a very different set of values from the rest of our family... she's become my new favorite relative!

It's official: I have a stripper-in-law.

I ran to the grocery store at 2:00, where among other things, I bought eggs and a watermelon.

Once home, I boiled 17 eggs—12 to make deviled eggs with and 5 for breakfast sandwiches over the next week. Since I always throw away the yolks of the eggs I use to make my egg sandwiches with, I went ahead and took the yolks out of those and added them to the mix for the deviled eggs. Bonus yolk, if you will.

While the eggs were boiling, I cut up the watermelon into cubes and put them in my "Thats-a" bowl Tupperware container. The last (and only, so far) time I used that bowl, I only used it to mix in, but this time I needed the lid, so I re-visited the box it came in and found a package of lids (for the set of bowls) at the bottom of the box.

More exciting than that, though, if you can imagine something being more exciting than that, I found what I forgot came with the bowls... free:

Red plastic tupperware measuring cups

That find made me squeal louder than a Tupperware Queen in a plastic princess tiara too tight for her tete. Love me some free.

At a little before 6:00, I headed over to Hugh and Renee's for Hugh's 39th birthday party, which they were hosting at their new place downtown.

I would expect nothing less from Hugh's friends, but to find them all quite charming, which of course was exactly what happened. What I did find a little surprising, although most welcome, was the fact that the count of LGBT people at the party was statistically significant, percentage-wise higher than the purported 10% of us on the planet.

A guy there told a fantastic tale about a pen from his childhood and a local pen show he'd recently attended, a story that dipped in and out of a double entendre ink well in such a way as to practically be writing two stories at once. And if you count his initial run-through of it in French, there'd be trois stories.

I was happy to meet Bernie, who became a Facebook friend of mine a while ago at Hugh's suggestion, and he was one of the few people I've ever been able to recognize in real life after only seeing their picture online. I'm terrible at that.

It was also good to see Renee's sister Traci again, as we've exchanged a lot of comments and "likes" on Facebook—between my buscapades and her coffeecapades alone—since we've last seen each other.

When the party wound down, a bunch of us, including several baby-they-were-born-that-way straight people, headed down to Flex for scareyoke. Bernie nailed Mack the Knife, and later on Joe, Chris, and their gang sang a rendition of Sweet Caroline that the whole lot of us screamed, "Buhm, buhm, buhm," and "so good, so good, so good" to—mostly at the appropriate times.

Darren was also there, and at one point Traci and Darren said a surprised hello to each other. Turns out Traci had friended him on Facebook when she saw something she liked that he'd written on my page, and this was the first time they'd met in person. Too fun.

All in all, it was a fun, fun night meeting some wonderful people and sharing some fun and fellowship. Life is good.
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