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Straightening, vacuuming, and dusting (oh my); turkey burgers on the grill; and airborne shrimp...

~Saturday~  I got up at 10:30, and I did some straightening around the house, including putting away clothes piled up all over the place in both my bedrooms, paper piles scattered all over my kitchen table, and putting away things that have been sitting on my couch for months (at least six, because some were from Christmas), and... don't faint... vacuumed and dusted a little.

Robert arrived at a little after 1:00, and I cooked turkey burgers on the grill, which turned out to be just plain delicious. We had some of my "famous" yummy salad with it. Overall, a fairly healthy lunch, although it would have been healthier if I'd've eaten only one turkey burger instead of two.

We both installed a program on our laptops that you can activate if it gets stolen, broadcasting its location using GPS technology. It made me think of a recent story I read on CNN.com, 'This guy has my MacBook!' Blog, tweets help recover stolen computer, which includes pictures of the thief using the stolen computer.

After that, I knocked out Monday and Tuesday's blog entries. Slowly catching up from my lack of free Internet-access over the weekend in Chicago.

Robert helped me put out the new, large tarp I bought several days ago to cover up my patio furniture, and then I scrubbed the cooking grate of the grill before locking it back up.

At around 6:45, we headed over to the Kanki at Crabtree to use our groupons, and where we were surprised with a 30-40 minute wait. I really didn't think we'd have to wait at all, being that it was fairly early on a Saturday evening. Wrong. Obviously.

We strolled around the mall with our pager, and at one point it started talking saying something to the effect of, "You have stepped out of the area in which the pager can communicate with you." Smaht technology.

We headed back toward the restaurant and waited there about 15 more minutes, at which time we were called to sit with a family consisting of a mom, dad, and two sons. I'm not crazy about the fact that you have to sit with (potentially) six strangers when you eat there, but this family turned out to be the nicest people.

Robert and I each had:

The Emperor's Delight, which included Filet Mignon, shrimp, and chicken, all cooked hibachi-style, along with their Flaming Shrimp Zen Sai appetizer, Japanese soup, fresh tossed salad with ginger dressing, Yasai (lightly seasoned onions and zucchini), mushrooms, fried rice with fresh-cut carrots, onions and peppers and fried egg, all served with their famous Kanki sauces.

Our chef wasn't overly emotive, but he turned out to be quite fun, and especially good with the two boys who were sitting at our table. At one point he took a fake squirt bottle and squeezed it toward the younger one.

Their entire family of four didn't eat onions or mushrooms. The chef removed their portion of onions before cooking them, but I think Robert and I got their share of the mushrooms.

Toward the end of the meal, the chef cut up a shrimp and, one at a time with his spatula, he flipped a piece into the air—one of which was caught by each of the two boys, and the third one by yours truly. Girl doesn't miss a food opportunity, even if it's airborne.

At the last minute, Robert and I decided to have dessert, as we wanted to get as close to our $30 groupon value, since you can't get a refund for what you don't use. He had the chocolate mint, and I had the chocolate turtle, variety of what I guess you would call a soufflé. It worked out perfectly, as our bills came out to $29.50.

As we left, we expressed our enjoyment of dining with our tablemates, and they did the same in return. We saw them walking toward their car when we were pulling out of the parking lot and we all waved at each other. Awww.

Back home, Robert packed up and took both leftover lunch and dinner back to Durham with him. Once there, he called asking if he'd left a computer cable here, which he had. Fortunately he was able to find a replacement at home.

I stayed in the rest of the evening and I devised Wednesday and Thursday's blog entries, and then wrote summary notes of Friday and Saturday to devise those posts tomorrow. Almost caught up now.
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