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The diversity bus, a minutes-less (by me) meeting, and dancing with words...

~Thursday~ I was late getting up again this morning, but my lunch was already made and the coffee had finished brewing by the time I got downstairs, so I only had to make my breakfast sandwich.

I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus at Gorman, near Avent Ferry, which arrived at 8:30.

It was "the diversity bus" this morning with a mix of about 30 riders—about 9 Indian, 9 white, 2 African-American, 4 Asian, 2 Hispanic, 1 "covered," 1 "muscle boy," 2 "mature," 1 (at least) gay, and 1 eating an apple. So many ways to classify people, so little time.

The bus arrived at the library, which is across the street from my work building, at 8:49.

I had a 10:30 meeting across campus at the Avent Ferry Technology Center, which is across the street from the Mission Valley Shopping Center at the corners of Avent Ferry Road and Western Boulevard. I usually ride with a manager in my area, Saturday, but she was going to another meeting before this one, so she hooked me up with her husband, who also works in our organization and was attending this meeting. So, Harry drove, and I rode with him, along with Mike McComas and Kevin McDonald.

My boss's boss usually facilitates this meeting, but he was out today and my friend and colleague, Chris King, facilitated the meaning and documented it. Loved that.

In the latter part of the afternoon, I wrote an article to be published in the university's publication called The Bulletin, and once I'd written it I began editing it, which I described with a Facebook status update in this way:

I'm dancing with the words-whirling them gently, letting some go, some cut back in, tossing some to, tossing some fro, and switching some from lead to follow or follow to lead. #LoveEditing #InFlow #WaltzingWithWords

My computer was acting up tonight, trying to install some automated Microsoft update—I think it was some Framework update— and then Facebook's Scrabble game presented, "We're currently making Scrabble better for you... try back later," which is its "we're doing this for you" way of not saying "we're doing this to you," while they try to figure out what the f*ck is wrong with their app.

I took advantage of all that to enjoy some "off-line" time, which is all too rare for me.

I contemplated going to Trailer Park Prize Night tonight, but in the end, ended up staying in.
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